Action Tutoring launched in Liverpool in Spring 2014 and since then we have delivered tutoring programmes across a number of schools. Some of our past and present partner schools include:

  • Bellerive Catholic College
  • The Studio School

We've really enjoyed tutoring the wonderful pupils in Liverpool this year and look forward to working with current and new partner schools over 2016/17.


What our Schools, Pupils and Tutors Say!

We have been working with Action Tutoring for two years and have found them to be very effective in meeting the needs of students struggling in English and Maths.  Action Tutoring deliver what they promise to deliver and we have found them to be very flexible in their approach as well as being great value for money.

Mr. McMenamin, Assistant Head at Bellerive College, Liverpool


I really enjoy my tutoring. My tutor is really nice and my confidence in English has really shot up!

I have found the tutoring useful as I think I was falling behind in the subject and this has brought me up to the same level as the other pupils in my class.

I have enjoyed my experience with Action Tutoring because I had a friendly, helpful tutor who helped me with my struggles and lack of confidence in English. Thank you for volunteering to help students like myself to hopefully achieve a better grade.

Pupils at Bellerive College, Liverpool


I've enjoyed this experience so much it's made my mind up to definitely apply for teaching.

Emma Forde, English Tutor, Liverpool


I learnt a lot from my experience with Action Tutoring. My own confidence has improved, but most importantly this volunteering experience showed me the patience, kindness and passion in this world. Action Tutoring is creating lots of positive energy and happiness, and that is why I’m always introducing it to my friends.

Fandi Sun, Maths Tutor, Liverpool


Action Tutoring allowed me to become much more confident in my teaching and leadership skills. Watching the pupils progress from week to week was extremely rewarding

Gabrielle Anderson, English Tutor, Liverpool