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Well done to all our Action Tutoring pupils for their amazing progress and results! We have compiled a list of some quotes and stories we received about Results Day to allow everyone to see the success of our pupils.




1. "I didn't have a chance of passing maths - and I did!" Zara , Connaught School for Girls.  

2. Nat worked with us in maths. He was working at grade was 4 when he started with us, but now achieved grade 5. He attended 11 sessions this year.  He is going to college to do a BTEC in sport but he is also going to pick up a trade - 'carpentry or plumbing or something' - to fall back on, if sports doesn't work out. (Fairfield High School, Bristol ) .

3. Thirdly, Lucky attended both maths and English with us. He got a grade 5 in English (after starting on a grade 4) and a grade 4 in maths (after starting on a grade 3). These achievements mean he can now go on to study A Levels in history, geography and government and politics.

He said, "Action Tutoring helped make a difference, every extra thing can help."

4. Stephanie got a grade 4 in maths. She wants to thank her tutor for being there and for helping  her progress!   

5. Tom at Quintin Kynaston Academy was 'so relieved' when he saw that he got the grade 5 in maths that he had been hoping for. He's now hoping to go to City and Islington College to study Drama, Politics and History.

6. Hanad got a grade 4 in English Language, he'll study economics and maths at LBTS 6th form!

7. Mohammed got a grade 6 in maths! Meaning he can study maths, IT and applied science at LBTS 6th form.      

8. Tara got a grade 4 in English Language, and she'll study business, economics and media at LBTS 6th form!    

9.  Ahmed got a grade 5 in English Language. He's going to study philosophy, economics and law at LBTS 6th form!

10. Melanie got a grade 5 in maths, meaning she can study business, economics and Portuguese at LBTS 6th form!  

11. Nachor got a grade 4 at English Language. He'll study physics, maths and economics at LBTS 6th form!

12. "I got a grade 6. I can't believe it! I'm so happy! I want to thank my tutor for guiding me through." Onome, St Saviour's School

13 . "I am so happy for Action Tutoring helping me because without your help I definitely would not have passed my maths GCSE" - Ozgur



I visited Connaught School for Girls in Leytonstone for Results Day. This was the second year we've run a maths programme there, and the first year we had an English programme. I arrived early, had a chat with the staff, and watched the little clusters of girls in the playground begin to grow. I was full of anticipation - the first year of the new system meant everyone was full of nervous energy. I kept my eyes out for the pupils on our programmes and was really happy to speak to a few of them after they had opened their envelopes. There were some excellent results, and some amazing progress, especially considering the challenge of the significant changes to the system. I congratulated Zara, who worked so hard in her tutoring sessions and achieved a 4 in her maths. She said she was glad she had put the hours in: "I didn't have a chance of passing maths, and I did!" Another pupil was disappointed to have missed her pass grade in maths but talked to me about how she was very glad she had tutoring: "I feel more confident about resitting my maths. I know if I put even more work in, I can do it." I was so proud of all the pupils we worked with for maintaining their motivation and resilience. Before leaving, I left some sweets for the staff - we can't forget about all the hard work the teachers have put in this year! I'm looking forward to being back at Connaught School for Girls for the autumn programme soon and welcoming back our brilliant and dedicated tutors to support even more pupils.

Rachel Belward, Programme Executive for East London        


GCSE results day is always a nerve-inducing time of year for those involved in GCSEs, but the results day in 2017 had the added fear of the unknown: the new 9-1 grading scale for English and maths. In the days running up to results day, you could sense the excitement and cautious optimism in the office. The staff team were confident our tutoring programmes help to boost pupils' grades, but also know - given the group of young people we work with - not everyone is going to pass. I spent the start of the day at Lambeth Academy, where Action Tutoring have run a maths tutoring programme for the last few years. I spoke to a couple of Action Tutoring pupils; one was delighted to be staying on at his school for Sixth Form after receiving a four in maths and another was considering his options after not passing maths. At Action Tutoring we celebrate progress and are extremely proud of all the young people who put in the effort despite facing difficulties. I arrived into the office to hear the first full set of results from an Action Tutoring Year 11 cohort; a scream of delight through the team as we celebrated excellent results and a year of hard work by staff, tutors, teachers, but mostly pupils. The rest of the day was spent hearing snippets of pupil results and celebrating the progress that has been made.

Jane Maciver , Programme Coordinator for South London


On results day, I went to St. Saviour’s and St. Olave’s school in Elephant and Castle, an all-girls school where we ran an English and maths programme. Action Tutoring had only started working with the school since January this year, but in that short time I developed a great relationship with the teaching staff, pupils and tutors. Approaching the school early on Thursday morning, I reflected on the many happy Tuesday afternoons I spent at the school. The girls were always punctual and engaged, often running over the session end time, and I felt nervous for them because I knew they had worked so hard and I wanted them to get the results that they truly deserved. I watched them queue to collect their results in the dining hall, the same place we had the tutoring sessions, their fear so clearly written in their face and every movement. As each envelope was opened, it transpired that the hard work had paid off. Mia, who had joined towards the end of the programme and worked very hard to catch up with the other pupils, received a 5 in maths: “I started at grade 2 and I got a grade 5, I didn’t expect to make so much progress!”. Onome, who could barely speak to me from fear as she collected her results received a grade 6, and the shear amazement and joy was amazing to see. She could not stop smiling and jumping around: “I can’t believe it, I actually can’t believe I got a 6! I never thought I could get a 6!” There are many more examples of amazing progress and fantastic results. The teaching staff were very proud and I could see mixed emotions from everybody, both pupils and teachers. Every time I bumped into the headteacher she would have tears streaming down her face, she said “I’m just so proud of them”. It was wonderful to see the dedication, warmth and shared happiness in the room. I left feeling so proud, but also relieved that they now had the tools to proceed to the next stage in their lives.

Emma Hooper, Programme Coordinator for North London 


Thank you to all our tutors for their support and expectational hard work, helping our pupils increase their progress and results.  We are now planning for our autumn programmes, and hoping to achieve even greater success next year! You can sign up for autumn programmes now – why not join us? 

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