The Real Reward of Tutoring

July 31, 2017, 11:02 a.m.

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I started off my journey as a tutor with primary school children, aiding them with History and English. Working with the younger years was unbelievably fun – they are always so interested in what you have to say (literally clinging on to every. single. word), they’re not afraid to have a go at new things and they don’t punish themselves if they get something wrong. As a primary school tutor, you get to see little personalities grow and flourish and the thought that these children will be the generation of the future spurs you on to help and guide them.

After two fun years at the school, I left to become an A Level Sociology tutor at my old college. I had recently finished my A Levels myself and had an urge to give something back to a college that had provided me with so many opportunities and a great education. Four years later, I was still tutoring at the college and was still having an incredible time.

I cared about the students a lot – I wanted them to do well, of course! But also I had to (selfishly) think about what I was getting out of it. The answer was A LOT – more than I could have envisioned when I first signed up to start. Firstly, I was constantly refreshing my knowledge of a subject I loved and adored – I never wanted my Sociology education to stop simply because my formal exams had. Secondly, I was building fantastic experience. Each session I was more confident and prepared than the last, helping me to grow and learn, as well as having banked 6 years experience as a tutor. Most of all, I felt rewarded. Having ‘thank you’ cards and tears of joy on results day made me realise just why I was doing what I was doing.

I bumped in to one of my first ever A level students a few years after I had tutored her. “I am in Lancaster University doing Bio-Medical Research in to Man-Made Illnesses, I couldn’t have got the ‘A’ grade to get in without you and my teacher. Thank you”. Wow – I had actually made an impact and helped someone achieve a goal of theirs, that when I first met them, they believed was unobtainable. For me, that is the real reward of tuition – when you give, you receive it back ten-fold.

Whether it is in the form of a card, a simple ‘thank you’ or just someone out there remembering that great tutor they had – you really are appreciated. 

Written by Hannah O'Neill, Liverpool Programme Coordinator
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