Volunteer tutor helping young people enjoy learning at Fairfield High School

Amanda has been a fantastic volunteer who has been tutoring with us since January. She has lived in Bristol for 8 years and worked in schools for the last 7 as a teaching assistant and student support mentor. Amanda has seen a lot of intervention strategies and understands why Action Tutoring is a successful one. She is currently a full time Mum but has found Action Tutoring to be a great way to stay involved in education and has complemented her academic study for a Postgraduate certificate in child and adolescent mental health.


Amanda Tutors at Fairfield High School helping one pupil with their maths. The fact that she and the pupil have attended consistently means they have built up a great rapport and Amanda knows the best way to tailor her tutoring. She first heard about Action Tutoring through the Bristol volunteering website. 


The word Amanda uses to describe volunteering time and again is “rewarding”. To people who are not sure whether to volunteer or not Amanda would say “Definitely do it –it’s very rewarding. The best thing about it is watching the children learn and enjoy it!”


The experience has helped confirm to Amanda that she wants to work in a school again when her son is older. The advice Amanda would give to someone who was about to start volunteering? “Be positive and patient”.