Joe McFarlane

Volunteer tutor discusses spending time and learning with others

Joseph McFarlane first found out about Action Tutoring at his Freshers’ Fair at Bristol University in September 2015. Before this he had previously volunteered teaching English in Uganda to refugees and children. He stated, “the best thing about volunteering is the opportunity to spend time with people and learn from each other”.


When we asked Joseph what he had learnt most about his experience at Action Tutoring he said, “I have seen how much of a difference tutoring makes. Too often the kids who have had the privilege of private school or tutors end up doing better in exams, giving them better prospects for the future. Action Tutoring is doing well to tackle this inequality as I have seen it in practice”. To sum up his experience with Action Tutoring he said that it was, “A very rewarding experience which I would recommend to anyone who has a passion for young people”.