Fairfield High School

Simon Gould, Head of KS4 English, describes the buzz in the room

Simon Gould is Head of KS4 English at Fairfield High School, one of the first schools that Action Tutoring worked with in Bristol. Simon has been teaching at Fairfield High School for over six years and understands what makes an effective intervention for GCSE pupils. He says teachers across the English department have seen the impact the Action Tutoring programme has had on their pupils. “It gives pupils a chance to sit down with a knowledgeable adult who can work with them for an extended period of time and provide them a level of feedback we aren’t able to do in class.”


For some of the pupils sitting down with an adult they don’t know can be quite daunting. Simon believes the skills pupils develop on the programme such as interacting with a variety of people, managing their time to make the most of the tutoring and improved confidence are just as valuable as the academic benefits of the programme.


The proof of it is in the pupils that turn up week after week. “It would be easy for them to go home at the end of the day, or spend time with their friends playing football or chatting” Simon says. “The buzz in the room when the tutors and pupils are there is fantastic, it is a lovely atmosphere. I always try to be in the sessions for that reason”.