Reaching a C; pupil at City of London Academy

When Kenechi was selected by his Maths teacher to take part in the Action Tutoring programme at City of London Academy, he saw it for exactly what it was, a push in the right direction of his chosen career - business. “I was aware I was not doing well enough in Maths to succeed in what I want to do”, says Kenechi, “and I knew that tutoring would help me reach the C I need to go on.”


Kenechi plans to stay on at the City of London Academy for sixth form, where he will study Government and Politics, History and that all important Business Studies. While Kenechi knows it’s that C that will allow him to stay on, he doesn’t plan to stop there. “If in my next mocks I hit a C I’ll be going for a B, maybe even an A”.


Kenechi’s dedication can be seen through his attitude towards the sessions - he’s not missed one yet. He says the biggest change he’s seen is in his confidence in class. Through working one-to-one with his tutor, Ben, Kenechi has been able to ask the questions he didn’t want to in front of a class full of pupils. It can be quite intimidating he explains. “Before I’d sit there taking note after note, only speaking if the teacher picked on me to answer a question. Now I’m sure I know the methods, my hand shoots up all the time”, he laughs, “it’s probably quite annoying really!”


When asked whether he thinks all pupils should have access to Action Tutoring it’s a firm yes. “I hear pupils all around me saying ‘I hate maths, I hate maths’ and I think, yeah, you may hate Maths, but realise the world you live in. That’s the reality - without a C you’re not going to be doing anything. Reaching for that C will empower you to go far.” When his hour is up with Ben on a Thursday it does not end there, Kenechi practices using past papers at home and gets his teachers to mark them. He takes initiative - “I’m not the kind of person that when the book is closed, that’s the end of the chapter”.