Pupil at Stoke Newington School on maths, life and aspirations

Since tutoring sessions started at Stoke Newington School in September, Yilmaz has stayed behind an extra hour every Tuesday to work with his tutor, Nali. When we first met Yilmaz he was working at a Grade E, but with the help of Nali he has been able to transform this into a C. Tutoring is a helpful step in the direction of Yilmaz’s big plan: he is determined that by working hard with Nali he will get the grades to go on to study Economics, Turkish and Sociology at A- Level, followed by International Business at university. This is all with the view of going into a career in finance.


Yilmaz’s family encourage his ambition. They are intent on him continuing his studies and he is lucky that if he needs help with his maths at home they are able to provide it. “My Dad gets emotional when I misbehave”, he says, “he wants me to keep learning!” Yilmaz admits that at times he does struggle to focus in school, particularly when he feels like he can’t relate to a teacher, tutor, or subject.


Yilmaz believes an effective tutoring session is one that is fun and interactive. He also points to the importance of building a good rapport - for Yilmaz to make the most of his session with Nali he says he must have the opportunity to combine talking and learning in a positive way. Most important to Yilmaz is that they act as a mentor and friend, not just a tutor. Luckily for him, “Nali has all that in the bag!”


Yilmaz has the best attendance across our London schools, having never missed a session since September. The value of such perfect attendance can be seen in his latest test result: he made 42% progress over the course of his second programme with us. Yilmaz’s place on the programme must be attributed to his dedication to securing a career in finance. But his enthusiasm for the sessions can surely be put down to the relationship he has built with Nali - “my tutor helps me at life and maths. I have a nice time and of course, I learn”.