Owain Roberts

Volunteer Tutor talks about the buzz of tutoring for everyone involved

Owain Roberts completed a maths programme at Fairfield High School while studying Economics at the University of Bristol. He said, “Giving up a little bit of your time can be both highly rewarding and have a big impact on the lives of others”.


Owain had previously volunteered in Kenya and was looking for a way to give something back to the community in Bristol. Advice Owain would give to those thinking of volunteering with Action Tutoring would be to take your time to understand how the small constituent parts of maths can be put together into more complex problems. This will help you to understand why your pupils may not understand something that may seem straight forward to you, they could be missing one of the first building blocks.


Owain says he has learnt that everyone is capable of loving maths in some way! Once the pupils start to open up and discuss where they were going wrong, you can help them put it right. They enjoy the buzz of getting questions right and you get the buzz of helping them achieve!