The tutor journey

Step 1

Apply online

Complete our application form.

Step 2

Receive response

Receive response within 1-2 working days.

(A telephone or video interview is sometimes required to gather further information).

Step 3

Online training

Attend one of our online training sessions, delivered through Zoom.

(Sessions last 2 hours 15 minutes. Multiple sessions are available each week throughout the year).

Step 4

Complete an Enhanced DBS check

Complete an Enhanced DBS check

(This can take between one day and six weeks. Applications are usually processed within two weeks).

Step 5

Sign up to a programme

Sign up to a programme.

(Programmes start at the beginning of each school term during the academic year.  The time of year you sign up to volunteer can change the length of time you can support a pupil. For example, if you sign up in the autumn term you will usually have the opportunity to support them up until their exams in May.)

Step 6

Start tutoring

Tutor for 10-20 weeks.