Action Tutoring 2021–22 parent/guardian letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child has been selected by their school to take part in an Action Tutoring maths and/or English programme, delivered by volunteer tutors in school or via our online platform.

The Action Tutoring Programme

Action Tutoring is a national education organisation, supporting young people to improve their grades by pairing pupils with high-quality volunteer tutors, assisting them in building their subject knowledge, confidence and study skills. Private tuition can cost up to £40 per hour and we would like to provide pupils with the same quality of support without the cost – our tuition is completely free for you and your child. Your child’s school is contributing to the cost of running the programme.

Action Tutoring Privacy Notice

We have written a privacy notice, which intends to make the following points clear to schools, pupils, parents and guardians about the information we ask partner schools to share with us about the pupils taking part in our programme, and the information we collect independently. It tells you:

  • Why we ask our partner schools to share information with us about pupils and why we collect some additional information independently.
  • What information we ask partner schools to share with us and what information we collect independently.
  • Where we store the information and who can access it.
  • How long we keep the information.
  • What information we share with other parties.
  • Our legal basis for processing the information.
  • How to contact us.

This privacy notice can be found on our website here: (Action Tutoring privacy notice for schools, pupils, parents and guardians)

Collecting your contact information
In some cases, we may ask your child’s school for information about how to contact you. This will include your email address and a telephone number. We will use this information to contact you to introduce the member of our Action Tutoring team who will be coordinating the programme your child attends. We will also send you weekly text reminders the day before the session and text alerts if your child is absent from a session.

Supporting with attendance

Please encourage your child to: 

  • Attend as many sessions as possible; giving them the best chance to improve their grades.
  • Arrive on time for the sessions; turning up late will disrupt the session for them and other pupils. 
  • Tell their teacher as soon as possible if they can’t attend a session; the school needs to let their tutor know. 

If your child is unsure of any part or the programme, please encourage them to speak to their teacher. 

– – –

Our privacy notice linked above outlines the ‘legal basis’ we have identified for proceeding to process information about your child once their school has selected them for the tutoring programme.

However, if you do not wish for your child to take part in this tutoring programme, please inform the school as soon as possible, providing your child’s name.

If you do not wish for your child’s information to be used in the potential future evaluation of our tutoring programmes, please email, providing your child’s name and the name of the school. This does not affect their participation in the programme.

Yours faithfully,

The Action Tutoring team

You can download a full version of this letter here: Action Tutoring Opt-Out Parent Letter (2021-22)