Alyssa Seriniyom

Alyssa joined Action Tutoring in September 2023 as Programme Coordinator for London.

Alyssa is responsible for overseeing a caseload of partner schools in London, liaising and working closely with the schools and pupils as well as managing our pool of volunteer tutors.

I like that I am coordinating programmes from the very start, and I hope to be able to oversee when they finish. It makes me feel like I am truly having an impact on the pupils, volunteers, and schools that I work with.

As someone with a background in education, I was looking for a non-teaching role within the education sector. Paired with my previous commitments with different charities, Action Tutoring provides a position where I can combine my previous experiences in both sectors.

Being able to interact with a wide variety of people in an educational context has been particularly enjoyable.

In the future, I hope that we can involve more schools, more pupils, and generally more regions of the UK in order to widen our reach and have a positive impact on a larger scale.

Winter office day closures mean I can spend more time with my loved ones, enjoying winter festivities with them.