Gabriel Matiki

Pronouns: he/him

Gabriel joined Action Tutoring in April 2023 as Fundraising Coordinator (Trusts and Foundations).

Gabriel coordinates a range of fundraising activities focused on generating income through trusts and foundations. This involves researching new avenues for funding, making applications and carrying out communications and reporting to existing funders.

I have never worked with such enthusiastic and genuinely kind-hearted people before. From my very first day, everyone has been exceptionally welcoming and their passion for the work done at Action Tutoring has been infectious ever since. The entire team is driven to make education fairer for children who face disadvantage. This shared vision unites the entire team which is something I feel blessed to be a part of.

I was drawn to Action Tutoring as the mission of the organisation aligns perfectly with my long-term career goals. The work done to make education fairer for children facing disadvantage directly speaks to my future vision of being able to bring that same level of fairness and equality to communities within Africa. Through working at Action Tutoring, I believe I will be able to gain much needed experience working within a successful charity targeting education, as well as being able to make a difference in the lives of children to by unlocking their additional academic potential.

I am looking forward to the expansion of Action Tutoring into further and more rural regions. Kids all over the UK face disadvantage for a number of different reasons through no fault of their own. These children are no less able but simply have less access to the tools that will support them throughout their education. Through the expansion of Action Tutoring, more of these children will be blessed with the tools to achieve their full academic potential and build careers beyond education.