Laetitia Pilgrim

Laetitia joined Action Tutoring in October 2023 as Programme Coordinator for London.

Laetitia is responsible for overseeing a caseload of partner schools in London, liaising and working closely with the schools and pupils as well as managing our pool of volunteer tutors.

Action Tutoring is a brilliant organisation with collaborative and reflective values. It is fantastic to be part of a team that is committed to understanding its impact through collecting strong evidence.

Before joining Action Tutoring, I was a Programme Coordinator for an education charity that supports 16 to 19 year olds retaking their GCSE English and Maths qualifications. Working with post-16 students indicated to me how important it is to intervene early, and close the attainment gap in primary and secondary schools, so that all young people are equipped with the literacy and numeracy skills that enable them to thrive. I came to Action Tutoring because I’ve seen the benefit of tutoring, and I wanted to help give this opportunity to primary and secondary pupils across London.

I enjoy working with such a brilliant variety of people as a Programme Coordinator, from pupils, to volunteer tutors, teachers, and the internal team. I love being part of a wider network of education charities working in schools and colleges across the country to make a difference to children and young people’s lives. Not only is tutoring an effective way to boost pupils’ attainment, it also builds children’s confidence and enjoyment of learning. I enjoy seeing the rapport that tutors build with their pupils, and it is always fantastic to see pupils make progress over the course of a programme.

I’m looking forwards to seeing Action Tutoring grow, and I hope that our advocacy work will help tutoring to become an embedded part of the education system.