Nargis Tailor

Nargis joined Action Tutoring in February 2019 as Programme Coordinator for London, before becoming Programme Manager for London.

As a Programme Manager, Nargis oversees the delivery of our tutoring programmes in partner schools in London. She is in charge of maintaining and developing relationships with partner schools and make sure tutoring sessions run smoothly.

I enjoy working with such a hardworking and supportive team at Action Tutoring. It’s great to know that all of my colleagues have genuine care for the work we do and our mission of supporting young people.

I was drawn to working at Action Tutoring because I enjoy working with young people and I’m keen to play a role in closing the attainment gap, which affects children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I like that I have the chance to work with various different people including tutors, school staff, headteachers, funders and colleagues. I also enjoy that I have the opportunity to visit schools and be in the classroom.

In the future, I’m looking forward to the charity working with even more schools and pupils.