Rhys Handley

Pronouns: he/him

Rhys joined Action Tutoring in August 2020 as a Programme Coordinator for London.

Rhys is responsible for overseeing a caseload of partner schools in London, liaising and working closely with the schools and pupils as well as managing our pool of volunteer tutors.

He trained as a journalist at the University of Sheffield and has written full-time and freelance for a number of newspapers, magazines and websites in various fields since 2016.

Born and raised in Doncaster, Rhys is a proud Yorkshire lad. However, he has become a fiercely passionate adopted south Londoner since moving to Brixton and he volunteered locally as a tutor in some of Action Tutoring’s schools before officially joining the charity. 

His interests include film, music, the arts and cycling, as well campaigning for climate justice and social equality. He recently grew a moustache and hopes people think it suits him.