Sam Paterson

Pronouns: she/her

Sam joined Action Tutoring in November 2020 as a Programme Coordinator for Nottingham.

From August 2022 Sam transitioned to the role of Corporate Partnerships Manager, engaging corporates in volunteering, managing and deepening existing relationships, as well as seeking to cultivate new partnerships.


Being Corporate Partnerships Manager, I get the privilege of forging and deepening connections with diverse organisations, getting them engagement and excited about the work we do. Spending my working days proudly telling corporates the difference we make, and they can too, will always put a smile on my face. I get to bring new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the way in which we collaborate with corporate organisations. Getting to evolve ideas from thoughts to paper to practice and end results is something I immensely enjoy.

Already since being at Action Tutoring, the charity has grown and developed so much. We’re now post-pandemic, supporting more pupils than ever before and a strong voice for the advocacy of tutoring in schools. I looking forward to seeing where our new position takes us. Can we influence education policy changes for the better? Can we reach even more schools and pupils? How else can we partner with to extend our impact? So many possibilities and so much potential.

I’m dyslexic, and over several year I have developed my own proofing techniques, but knowing we have a Proofreading team there to support is such a reassurance. They are responsive to tight deadlines and always give helpful feedback. As a result, our communications are always informative and attractive with grammatical excellence!