Shashi Watson

Shashi joined Action Tutoring in September 2021 as Evaluation and Research Manager.
Shashi’s family is from India, though she grew up in the US and although it was supposed to be for just three years, she has spent over half of her life in London. Studying maths, statistics more specifically, has enabled her to have a number of very interesting roles in the financial markets and in medical research. Teaching has almost always featured in all her roles: from running options trading classes for clients to Literacy Volunteers of America to training medics on basic stats for RCTs.

After encouraging her three teenagers through A Level maths, Shashi started tutoring maths last year, firstly with Action Tutoring and then as an Academic Mentor at a secondary all-boys school. The latter taught her much about the challenges of handling varying abilities in classes of 30+ students, as well as tutoring disadvantaged and/or academically struggling pupils. Shashi is delighted to join the Action Tutoring team, and intends to continue tutoring maths online too.

At home, Shashi’s big softy German Shepherd, Django, keeps her running around and enjoying life anew every day.