Marketing and Communications Team

Fleur Peel

25 July 2021

What brought me to Action Tutoring is it’s mission – that education is the key that unlocks a young person’s future. I believe passionately that everyone should have access to the same opportunities to succeed and I love that we are enabling that every day.

I have an inspiring team who constantly amaze me with their creativity and their enthusiasm. It’s a privilege to work with them every day. I also have a very varied role and no two days are the same, things are constantly changing which keeps me on my toes and always learning.

What I love about working at Action Tutoring is the brilliant passionate, supportive team; the clear focus on our mission and the drive to continually improve. In the future, I’m looking forward to continuing to improve what we do, having a bigger impact and ensuring more young people can benefit from our support from across the country.

I’ve found access to the Headspace app hugely valuable. From the short daily meditations to the sleep casts, there’s a huge range of supportive content which you can access day or night to help you prioritise your wellbeing.

Kellie Coyle

21 August 2021

Having previously worked in a school as a Teaching Assistant, I saw first-hand how tailored interventional support positively impacted pupils who were struggling in the class I worked in. Action Tutoring’s mission of closing the attainment gap with tutoring support is what attracted me to apply. 

I most love working with such a supportive and collaborative team, and feeling motivated on a day-to-day basis by the mission we’re working towards. My role is really varied, which I love. I feel most excited when planning marketing campaigns.

I really value the chance to participate in working groups outside of our main job roles. My involvement with the Data and Insights working group gave me tangible experience that I could draw on for my interview for my current role!

Sam Crampton

21 August 2021

I love getting to know tutors and pupils, bringing them together and seeing the positive impact this has on the lives of the young people facing disadvantage that we’re here to support. I really enjoy that every day is a little bit different, and that I get to travel to schools, meeting pupils and tutors, and deliver tutoring. I’m always learning something new!

Our team days are a fantastic opportunity to get together, learn from teams in other regions, share experiences of working in a range of communities and have fun with your team!

Abigail Davis

14 September 2023

My favourite thing about Action Tutoring is the genuine passion everyone has for our mission. Everyone is always willing to pitch in and help each other out when needed and are driven to make everything we do effective and supportive for the pupils we work with.

I specifically enjoy getting to meet new tutors who are full of energy and excitement to support our cause.

I’m looking forward to Action Tutoring’s future in growing more virtual programmes, as this mean we will be able to reach even more pupils who would otherwise be too far away from our central hubs.

As an Engagement Coordinator I have the pleasure of working with tutors from the moment they submit an application all the way to their first session on a programme. My main focus is on the Midlands and Northern regions of England, and I work closely with the programme team in these areas to connect tutors with the pupils who need their help most! From interviews, to finding a programme, I am the first point of contact and am happy to answer any questions or queries a tutor may have throughout the onboarding process.

Lilah Sharp

25 July 2021

I enjoy working at Action Tutoring because of my colleagues are so friendly and supportive. In my role specifically, I enjoy developing partnerships with universities. I also value being able to work from home. I was drawn to applying to work for Action Tutoring because I want to help fight social injustice. I’m looking forward to reaching more students to get involved in volunteering.

Cathy Perera

21 August 2021

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people facing disadvantage across the country. I believe every child deserves equal access to high quality education which opens up opportunities for them in their future.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a range of passionate individuals across our various teams, picking up knowledge and skills in different areas of the charity.


Stuart Wilson

21 February 2024

I enjoy the positive, hard-working and human nature of working at Action Tutoring and feel its culture and ethos is ethically impressive.

I feel it’s a fantastic learning experience on the health and wellbeing and learning and development of children and tutors and, it also enables me to put my creative skills to such a positive use.

I value every one of Action Tutoring’s benefits as I think they are tailored to such a wide range of people. Personally, I particularly value the winter office day closures as it gives me a chance to relax and refresh for the next year ahead.