Operations Team

Heather Taylor

25 July 2021

Heather graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Manchester University and then qualified as an accountant working in local government, moving to the charity sector to work for Shelter in 2015. She is passionate about helping charities manage their resources in a way that helps more people, more effectively.

Jasmin Bemmelem

21 August 2021

Jasmin moved to the UK in June 2020, and the drive to generate positive impact through her work brought her to Action Tutoring. Here, she hopes to combine her passion for education, HR and the fight for a better world.

Jasmin enjoys learning new linguistic expressions, dancing salsa and singing like a rockstar!

Sarah Hay

25 July 2021

While studying, Sarah provided small group tutoring in mathematics at her local secondary school. She was able to witness first hand the impact that tutoring can have on pupil confidence, academic ability and engagement with education. She strongly believes that all children should have access to tutoring and is excited to be part of a charity that enables this.

Sarah has previous experience as a charity volunteer and has worked in management and customer service roles. She looks forward to re-joining the charity sector and supporting the team to achieve effective programme delivery. 

In her spare time, Sarah loves to travel, read good books and try out new recipes – her speciality is arancini!

Keely Congleton

21 August 2021

Originally from Philadelphia in the U.S., Keely has been living in London since April 2019. Having worked a variety of roles in educational support and youth services, Keely has always been passionate about helping youth achieve their personal best.

Her interests include watching football (real AND American), travelling, attending gigs of all genres and playing the violin. Keely is also an avid fan of birds and she’s full of somewhat-interesting bird facts.