Programme Team

Emma Hooper

21 August 2021

In a previous role, I worked as a youth worker in a children’s charity for some of the most disadvantaged and deprived children and young people in South East London. From seeing first hand how economic deprivation can impact a young person’s life before they have even got to school (no bedroom, desk, access to books, high levels of stress in the home etc.) I wanted to support young people achieve in education. I strongly believe in the power of education to improve the life chances of young people, and I often think a person, role model, tutor, has the power to do this.

At Action Tutoring I enjoy working with the wonderful, passionate, caring and interesting people. We are such a supportive team and are all really aligned in our mission. I really value and appreciate Action Tutoring’s focus on mental health and the existence of the Mental Health First Aid team. It ensures that I feel safe at work, and when times get tough, I have someone impartial and trained to speak to within the organisation to speak to, even if no solution is required.

I’m excited to expand to regions and areas with high levels of deprivation, through our virtual programmes, that we previously haven’t been able to reach before! There are so many schools in hard to reach areas who are under funded and supported.

Alice Nelson

21 August 2021

I love talking to schools about the great work that we do and encouraging them to partner with us. I also love being able to visit programmes, sometimes to tutor, sometimes to talk to our pupils and tutors, and often to receive feedback from school leaders. Knowing that we are making a difference daily is inspiring. Having fantastic colleagues that I work with across the country makes hard work really enjoyable too.

As an organisation, I think one of our key strengths is our agility. Over the past few years we have worked hard to support our pupils in a post-pandemic world, changing systems and developing online tutoring to provide the best tutoring we can. We have recently started to work with schools outside of our core regions. I’m excited by the prospect of being able to reach more rural communities in the future, that aren’t always offered external interventions such as tutoring.

I really value our Team Days where we have a chance to work really collaboratively across all departments, and socialise with colleagues who we don’t work with on a day-to-day basis!

Anissa Meddeb

21 July 2023

The main thing I enjoy about Action Tutoring is having a positive impact on disadvantaged children. Seeing the direct impact is very gratifying! The team is incredibly supportive and you learn so much from the differences between each of the schools you visit on a daily basis.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing Action Tutoring growing and reaching more and more pupils and schools, to meeting new inspiring teachers and teammates and continuing to make a positive impact in the community.

Hannah Ground

21 August 2021

I moved to South London in 2018 to complete a MA degree in Education Policy. I soon became aware of some of the detrimental impacts of gentrification affecting the local residents in the area. Volunteering at a local primary school with Action Tutoring was a way for me to connect with and give back to the community. I enjoyed the experience so much, I decided to apply for a job role and have been at Action Tutoring ever since!

Action Tutoring is made up of so many passionate and innovative people. I’m excited to see how we can keep expanding on and improving what we do by utilising our team’s diversity of backgrounds and experience.

Liveta Bogdelyte

15 November 2023

The main thing I enjoy about Action Tutoring is the welcoming and supportive team within the organisation. The people I work with are all extremely dedicated to the cause of closing the attainment gap and providing disadvantaged children equal opportunities to achieve and make progress in their academic careers. Working alongside like-minded individuals is truly empowering and makes everyday at Action Tutoring feel fulfilling.

Before joining Action Tutoring I worked as a SEN Teaching Assistant in a mainstream school. I gained first-hand experience of supporting young people in education and witnessed the detrimental effects that the pandemic had on pupils’ achievement. This motivated me to pursue a meaningful career in the charity sector in which I can continue to have a positive impact on pupils education. As such, it was Action Tutoring’s mission and the strongly embedded values that coincided with my own which brought me to Action Tutoring.

As a Programme Coordinator I enjoy the variety and flexibility of my role. I am constantly engaging with our volunteer tutors, supporting young people, and maintaining relationships with school staff as well as our internal team. I particularly enjoy visiting our face-to-face programmes and witnessing the progress pupil are making after every session.

I am looking forward to seeing Action Tutoring continue to grow and expand its reach to more schools and pupils nationally.

Dan Carrie

22 March 2024

I really enjoy how friendly everyone is and how open everyone is to support and help with any issues or queries one might have.

I did a PGCE and was unable to pass this but I really enjoyed my time working in an inner city school with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping to bridge that attainment gap and seeing the joy they got from support in their learning journeys. I volunteered after my finishing my PGCE and really enjoyed this and then looked for a role that combined working in the charity sector and working in education still.

I am yet to start the role in its full capacity but I am looking forward to having that interaction with children, volunteers and teachers and really seeing the difference that volunteers make to the lives of the pupils and their education.

I am looking forward to seeing Action Tutoring grow and being able to receive more funding to keep doing the amazing work it is already doing and expanding to more parts of the country

Sophia Lind

14 February 2024

I enjoy the supportive and uplifting environment at Action Tutoring, which not only includes being able to reach out to people in different teams for help, but also the generous flexi-time policy. As a busy Programme Coordinator, I appreciate how Action Tutoring understands how heavy our workload is and allows us to take breaks.

My favourite part is going to different schools and supervising the tutoring sessions. Meeting the dedicated volunteers and watching them do their utmost to provide disadvantaged children and youths with the resources they need is always lovely to see. It is also fun to meet the students and be introduced to their various personalities.

Suzie Minnigin

4 April 2024

I enjoy being at Action Tutoring as I am surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about providing disadvantaged young people with the same opportunities as their peers.

I enjoy being a Programme Coordinator as it means you get to see Action Tutoring’s mission in practice and spend time with the tutors and pupils.

Samuel Winn

14 September 2023

The people and culture at Action Tutoring is great. Although we may all be off doing different things in different places, every day is collaborative and full of support and connectivity.

After some very enjoyable teaching and tutoring experience I was drawn to Action Tutoring by my desire to work in and contribute to education in the UK. I could see no better way to do this than by joining Action Tutoring in their mission.

I love how fast-moving the role is, allowing me to be out and about, on the move, problem solving, and interacting with a variety of people inside and outside of the organisation.

Its great to have joined a charity that is constantly looking to expand and do more. I’m really looking forward to being part of this.

Amber Batstone-Carr

4 July 2023

I love that everyone at Action Tutoring is very supportive and I felt welcomed straight away. I love catching up with my team on a Friday so we can work through any challenges together, celebrate the highlights of the week and talk about our weekends.

As a Programme Coordinator, I love being able to go into lots of schools and help deliver sessions. Every day is so different and I get to visit different areas of London and to meet a diverse range of people from different backgrounds.

I am looking forward to seeing the charity grow and continue to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children by reaching more schools and areas across the country.


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