Senior Leadership Team

Susannah Hardyman

1 July 2021

I founded AT in 2011-12 with support from a brilliant group of people. I could see how much the private tutoring industry was booming, but at the same time it was clear how that only stood to exacerbate inequality for young people, when so many who could really benefit from the impact tutoring has are not able to afford it. It struck me that there were likely many talented people out there who would be willing to tutor for free for those who wouldn’t otherwise afford it and that hunch proved right. It’s the dedication, time and efforts of our now thousands of volunteer tutors that keeps us going and growing today!

I love how passionate the staff team are about Action Tutoring’s mission. Getting to work with such a motivated and talented group of people who really care about making a difference to young people’s lives is a huge privilege. I also really enjoy the variety of my role – from working with the team and board to further our vision and mission, to fundraising, advocacy work and connecting with new schools amongst many other things! I love getting people excited about what we’re doing and to see them come on the journey with us, whether as a staff or board member, funder, partner school, sector partner or volunteer tutor.

The effects of the pandemic on young people’s education are still being felt strongly, plus it’s a very challenging time for schools with the current financial pressures they are under. Both of those factors mean our work is needed more than ever to ensure that young people facing disadvantage can be given the support they need to unlock their potential. I’m excited that there are still so many opportunities for us to strengthen our model, demonstrate our impact and grow to reach new areas, supporting many more pupils.

Our team days are always a huge highlight of the year. Getting the whole team together has such a buzz and energy. I always leave inspired and motivated about what we can achieve together.

Jen Fox

25 July 2021

I moved to the UK in 2012 to teach through Teach First with the aim to work in the education charity sector after I had experienced what it’s like to be in the classroom. Action Tutoring was the perfect fit for me as I loved working on projects that were focused on social mobility and social justice. And while my Genetics degree isn’t used much these days, it also gave me the skills to lead the projects we run in the Impact and Quality team here in AT.

I love that we never stop improving and innovating. No one is happy with anything less than a big impact and that’s really motivating. I also enjoy working with values-led colleagues who aren’t afraid to get stuck in to problem-solve. Action in name and action in nature!

I love being able to zoom in and out of the detail. One day I am working with Susannah on the five year strategy and then next I am supporting the Programme Team improve a small but important part of a process. Having the ability to work across several teams and with people who all think different is rewarding. I also love to nurture and support mangers to learn and grow their own skills.

I’m looking forward to adding to our evidence based for online tutoring. I’m also looking forward to how we use technology to enable scale. Overall, I’m looking forward to AT growing in quality and quantity.

For me the TOIL policy is a big bonus. I love that if I have an evening event I can take the time off in lieu without the worry it would go against our hard-working culture.

Fleur Peel

25 July 2021

What brought me to Action Tutoring is it’s mission – that education is the key that unlocks a young person’s future. I believe passionately that everyone should have access to the same opportunities to succeed and I love that we are enabling that every day.

I have an inspiring team who constantly amaze me with their creativity and their enthusiasm. It’s a privilege to work with them every day. I also have a very varied role and no two days are the same, things are constantly changing which keeps me on my toes and always learning.

What I love about working at Action Tutoring is the brilliant passionate, supportive team; the clear focus on our mission and the drive to continually improve. In the future, I’m looking forward to continuing to improve what we do, having a bigger impact and ensuring more young people can benefit from our support from across the country.

I’ve found access to the Headspace app hugely valuable. From the short daily meditations to the sleep casts, there’s a huge range of supportive content which you can access day or night to help you prioritise your wellbeing.

Nicholas Bull

21 July 2023

Joining Action Tutoring is a dream job of mine as I have previously studied it as part of my MSc as far back as 2018 and have since supported it personally. I love Action Tutoring’s commitment to measuring its impact and am proud to work for somewhere that seeks to support disadvantaged young people to achieve academically. The culture here at Action Tutoring is kind, hardworking, supportive and solution focused, and everyone is always willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help others. Many organisations say they live their values, but  Action Tutoring really does.

I enjoy the variety of my role and that no two days (or even hours!) are the same.