Celebrating extraordinary volunteers

Welcome to the Action Tutoring Volunteer Awards 2024! Each year, we celebrate some of our incredible volunteers who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged pupils. These awards highlight their dedication, enthusiasm, and the positive impact they have made.

How award winners are chosen

This year, we had over 30 nominations from our Programme Coordinators, and these were narrowed down to a final 14.

Meet some of our inspiring award winners

Steve: engineering manager turned tutor extraordinaire

Steve, a recently retired engineering manager, has been recognised for his exceptional dedication to helping disadvantaged pupils. With a background in recruiting and training graduates, Steve found the perfect opportunity to continue supporting young people through Action Tutoring. Outside of tutoring, he is a busy grandparent, carer for his 96-year-old mother, amateur filmmaker, and live music enthusiast.

Steve’s words: “I love getting to know the pupils and fellow tutors. Most of my life has revolved around bringing out the best in other people, so I find tutoring very satisfying and hopefully beneficial to the pupils. Seeing the light of comprehension in their eyes is the most rewarding feeling of all. Even if this only happens rarely, it’s worth the effort.”


Laura: aspiring teacher with a passion for Impact

Laura, an aspiring teacher, is another one of our 2024 award winners. Drawn by Action Tutoring’s commitment to supporting those who need it most, Laura enjoys reading, taking walks, and relaxing with music. Volunteering as a tutor has brought a new joy into her life.

Laura’s words: “I love knowing how much of a difference being a tutor can make for students. I aim to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Seeing their happiness when they get the answer correct always makes me smile.”


Simon: marketing expert turned education advocate

Simon, London resident with a 25-year career in customer relationship marketing, shifted his focus to education during the lockdown. He started volunteering as a tutor with Action Tutoring and has made an outstanding contribution to disadvantaged pupils.

Simon’s words: “When you treat people as individuals, you can nurture and develop unique strengths in unique ways. You can help them become their best self. If I could make a small difference to just one child by making them think differently and feel more positive, then it had to be worth doing.”

Join us as a volunteer tutor!

These inspiring stories show just how rewarding it is to be a volunteer tutor. If you’re passionate about making a difference and helping young people succeed, consider joining our team of dedicated volunteers.

Why volunteer with Action Tutoring?

  • Make a lasting difference in young lives.
  • Gain valuable experience and develop new skills.
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Experience the joy of helping pupils achieve their potential.

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