Success Stories

Lilah, pupil in London

Lilah was enrolled into our Year 6 tutoring programme in autumn 2023. We caught up with her recently, and here’s what she had to say about tutoring so far:

At parents’ evening [my teacher] said that I haven’t been doing a lot of work. At the start of Action Tutoring, I really liked it because they made you feel really welcome. She [Abi – tutor] told us at the start of the programme that we would be in groups based on similar things that we’re not as good at. I was with Lily because we are similar on the things that we struggle with. 

When I came to Action Tutoring my reading got better and I am answering more questions. Before I was struggling with multiplication, and I didn’t really like English, but after [tutoring] I’ve seen that my grades have gone up a lot. Its really helped me, even my reading.

Maybe [tutoring will help me] with my maths; it will help me with counting my money. It will help with money and a job. With English, it helps you with everyday life, like if you’ve got to read the bill.

If a teacher asks a question and says “if you want to answer put your hand up”, if no one puts their hand up he’ll just choose someone and then I’m just hopeful for him to not choose me. With tutoring it helps you because you’re not just sat there, because you get more attention. I feel like when there’s a big class you don’t really get more time to sort of think about [your answer], because the rest of the class needs to carry on.