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Word of mouth is a strong marketing tool. So whether you’re a volunteer tutor yourself, or simply want to support our mission, read on to find out how you can support us by spreading the word.

By spreading the word about Action Tutoring, you’re helping to ensure that we have enough volunteer tutors to support our disadvantaged pupils.

Action Tutoring is a charity that supports disadvantaged young people to achieve in their SATs and GCSEs, opening doors to a brighter future.

Click below to download our Tutor Advocacy Pack. It contains case studies, posters, flyers and graphics you can use to promote Action Tutoring to friends, family and among professional networks. Read on for further tips and resources.

People trust their friends, family, and colleagues more than they’ll trust most marketing channels. We’re incredibly thankful to our volunteers who support us in this way. Click below to find out how our Tutor Referral Scheme works, and what rewards you can earn!

What does an advocate do?

An advocate can raise awareness, educate people, seek to influence policy changes, help charities receive donations, and much more. Advocates play an incredibly important role in charity organisations.

Charities have a significant role in our society, and we all benefit. They unite people who have a shared passion and make a positive impact in the world. 

By advocating for Action Tutoring, you’re helping to ensure that we have the volunteers tutors we need to support disadvantaged pupils now and in the future.

international education day

Is education equality something you’re passionate about, but you struggle to find the language to explain why?

Here’s some context to get you started.

The disparity in academic performance is one of the most critical challenges our education system currently faces in England. Those from low-income backgrounds may be at greater risk of digital disadvantage, social isolation, and anxiety. All of these can lead to mental health issues. These challenges require our immediate attention and response.

Young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds are not less able, but have less access to the tools and resources to progress in school. Nationally, disadvantaged pupils achieve lower scores in their SATs and GCSEs than their more affluent peers.

This is called the attainment gap. Action Tutoring is committed to improving the academic outcomes of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, demonstrated through our impact data.

The more tutors we recruit, the closer we are to closing the attainment gap. 

“Before I started tutoring I didn’t enjoy English very much but I do now, I like writing very much. I also enjoy maths because I now know how to do lots more things and I can ask people for help when I get stuck. I feel much more confident in tests too because I’ve seen my marks improve a lot. I like my tutor because she helps us and she’s funny too. She makes the subject fun. I think tutoring will help me to pass my GCSEs and do well, which will mean I’ll get a good job.”

– Codie, a Year 6 pupil from Bristol 

We spoke with Codie’s teacher at Hareclive E-ACT Primary Academy, who said: 

‘’Action Tutoring was a powerful programme for us. Our children got quality time with skilled adults and loved the attention and the opportunity to practise skills learnt in the classroom.’’ 

How can you advocate? 

Do you know someone who might want to get involved, or do you have access to a space in which you could raise awareness of our cause? We’d love your support.

Here are some resources that might help:

You can also use our social media posts to spread the word online, and inspire others to join.