Support our advocacy work 

We always welcome our volunteer tutors, partner schools, funders and wider supporters engaging with us in our advocacy efforts, to help raise awareness of our cause.

Below are some suggestions for how you can do this but if you’d like to chat further with one of the team about how you could support, please email: 

1. Sign up for our policy newsletter

This is sent to our opt-in list three times a year and is a great way to stay on top of policy developments related to Action Tutoring’s work.

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2. Tweet or share on LinkedIn about our work

Look out in particular for our advocacy-related posts (approximately once a week).

3. Write to your MP

If we’re already working in their constituency, you could encourage them to visit an AT programme at a school. If we’re not already in their constituency you could promote our work and ask them to consider sharing about us with local schools.

You could also add your voice to the call to extend funded tutoring for disadvantaged pupils (read more: National Tutoring Programme).

4. Raise awareness of educational inequality

Share with family and friends key statistics about the attainment gap and why education should be a key priority area for government.