Abigail Davis

Abigail joined Action Tutoring in September 2022, later taking on the role of Engagement Coordinator in August 2023.

Abigail is responsible for overseeing the tutor journey from when tutors apply, through to them volunteering on a programme.

My favourite thing about Action Tutoring is the genuine passion everyone has for our mission. Everyone is always willing to pitch in and help each other out when needed and are driven to make everything we do effective and supportive for the pupils we work with.

I specifically enjoy getting to meet new tutors who are full of energy and excitement to support our cause.

I’m looking forward to Action Tutoring’s future in growing more virtual programmes, as this mean we will be able to reach even more pupils who would otherwise be too far away from our central hubs.

As an Engagement Coordinator I have the pleasure of working with tutors from the moment they submit an application all the way to their first session on a programme. My main focus is on the Midlands and Northern regions of England, and I work closely with the programme team in these areas to connect tutors with the pupils who need their help most! From interviews, to finding a programme, I am the first point of contact and am happy to answer any questions or queries a tutor may have throughout the onboarding process.