Rebecca-Simina Gosav

Rebecca joined Action Tutoring in August 2023 as Programme Coordinator for London.

Rebecca is responsible for overseeing a caseload of partner schools in London, liaising and working closely with the schools and pupils as well as managing our pool of volunteer tutors.

I enjoy Action Tutoring’s working culture and that every member of my team is friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand!

I have previously volunteered as a mentor in underprivileged schools in London, and enjoyed it tremendously. The experience convinced me to find a job in the charity sector working with children from low-income backgrounds, and Action Tutoring was one of the only charities which was evidence-based and provided measurable results from their work.

I really enjoy meeting loads of new people in all of my schools, and connecting with pupils, volunteers, and teachers.

I am looking forward to Action Tutoring expanding in even more areas than before, so we can reach as many pupils as possible.