Impact and Quality Team

Jen Fox

25 July 2021

I moved to the UK in 2012 to teach through Teach First with the aim to work in the education charity sector after I had experienced what it’s like to be in the classroom. Action Tutoring was the perfect fit for me as I loved working on projects that were focused on social mobility and social justice. And while my Genetics degree isn’t used much these days, it also gave me the skills to lead the projects we run in the Impact and Quality team here in AT.

I love that we never stop improving and innovating. No one is happy with anything less than a big impact and that’s really motivating. I also enjoy working with values-led colleagues who aren’t afraid to get stuck in to problem-solve. Action in name and action in nature!

I love being able to zoom in and out of the detail. One day I am working with Susannah on the five year strategy and then next I am supporting the Programme Team improve a small but important part of a process. Having the ability to work across several teams and with people who all think different is rewarding. I also love to nurture and support mangers to learn and grow their own skills.

I’m looking forward to adding to our evidence based for online tutoring. I’m also looking forward to how we use technology to enable scale. Overall, I’m looking forward to AT growing in quality and quantity.

For me the TOIL policy is a big bonus. I love that if I have an evening event I can take the time off in lieu without the worry it would go against our hard-working culture.

Bethan Puig Nieves

21 June 2022

I love the variety in my role. I get to collaborate with colleagues from across the organisation, coordinating our efforts to provide the best possible support for our volunteer tutors. I also ensure that our curriculum is aligned to national requirements, continually reviewing and enhancing our resources so that they have the maximum impact on our pupils. Finally, my responsibility for quality assurance is an opportunity to develop systems and to ensure that changes we make to our provision for tutors is always evidence-led. It’s a wonderful role with so many aspects to it, and flexibility to explore my own areas of interest!

I am excited about growing our training provision for tutors, and ensuring that when tutors work with us, they have access to a wide range of exciting and accessible resources in order to build their capacity as educators.

I value the flexitime, because it means I can shape my working days in a way that suits me! I also think the focus on the health and well-being of staff at Action Tutoring is incredible: there is a genuine understanding of what good mental health and well-being looks like in a workplace, and concrete actions are in place to support staff.


Becky Jones

9 November 2022

I am excited to work in an organisation where everyone feels the importance of the mission, knows how their role is working towards it, and supports each other to get there.

I am passionate about improving access to education and supporting young people to achieve. Having previously worked at two other mission-driven education organisations, I look forward to using my experience at Action Tutoring.

Charlie White

21 August 2021

I first became involved as a volunteer English tutor. I was inspired by Action Tutoring’s mission and the strength of its programme and later applied to join the staff team.

Working for an ambitious charity with a clear mission, I enjoy having the opportunity to solve complex problems and develop new skills and knowledge quickly. I get to spend each day with a team of friendly and talented people who believe in the work they do.

As Evaluation and Research Manager, I enjoy the fact that learning and development make up a significant part of my week. Working on long-term projects means you get a bird’s-eye view of Action Tutoring’s work and its place in the education landscape, but I also have the chance to dive into the detail and examine the charity’s day-to-day operations.

I’m excited to see Action Tutoring develop and share more evidence about the best way of supporting disadvantaged pupils to reach their academic potential through volunteer tutoring. That way, more children and young people could benefit from the highest quality provision — including those that aren’t taking part in Action Tutoring programmes.

Adriana Diaz

13 October 2021

My desire to work for a cause brought me to work for Action Tutoring. I love that we are enabled to be involved in decision-making and the development of processes, and I’m looking forward to continuing to see the charity grow and reach more pupils in need.

I really enjoy Action Tutoring’s flexitime. It makes it easier to manage the balance between work and personal life without having to take annual leave. I also appreciate how Action Tutoring cares about staff wellbeing, professional satisfactions and financial and emotional growth.

Lucy Farnan-Stone

4 October 2023

The shared passion and drive of the people at Action Tutoring is inspiring.

I am extremely passionate about supporting disadvantaged pupils with their Maths education and this role allows me to play an integral part in Action Tutoring’s mission whilst immersing myself within mathematical pedagogy and curriculum design.

Specifically, I enjoy using evidence-based practice to ensure the Maths Curriculum and Training we offer to tutors provides the highest quality tutoring experience to the students we serve.

I am looking forward to reaching more disadvantaged students so they can receive high quality Maths and English tuition.

The role offers flexitime and TOIL which allows me to establish a great work-life balance. As a working mum who is passionate about her career, this is a lifeline that allows me to succeed in both my personal and professional life.

Beth Carlow

18 August 2022

I enjoy the strength of the shared collective vision, it is a pleasure to work in an environment where everyone has such a heart for the work they are doing. I had seen the great impact of tuition on pupils through my experience teaching in secondary schools and was keen to use my experiences in a new setting.

I enjoy engaging the wonderful people who have signed up to volunteer in their Initial Tutor Training, and supporting them to develop as tutors. I am looking forward to creating further opportunities for tutor development and seeing the impact which tutors can have in a changing educational climate.


Sarah Bromage

14 September 2023

Having left a 15-year career as a secondary school teacher, I wanted to work for an organisation that values and upholds the importance of education for all children and enables them to reach their full potential.

In my role at AT, I enjoy working with a knowledgeable and supportive team. I also love being able to interact with lots of different people and tutors, and transferring my skills as a teacher to support others.

Maria Bridges

14 September 2023

I love Action Tutoring’s mission. The fact that they focus on ensuring that disadvantaged students have access to tutoring is very appealing and rewarding.

I am a qualified secondary school teacher and have also worked as a Curriculum Leader. I was brought to Action Tutoring to use my expertise in curriculum development in their tutoring programmes.

As a teacher, I always loved developing curriculum programmes and resources for pupils. Within my role, I am delighted that I get the opportunity to fine tune resources for both tutors and students. I thoroughly enjoy creating innovative resources that engage the students.

As a parent to three children, I am delighted that I am able to continue a career in education that offers flexibility. Action Tutoring really think about their staff’s well-being and work life balance.

CJ Jessup

21 August 2021

I was looking for a role that wasn’t teaching but was teaching-adjacent, where I could support young people with their learning. The first role I did at Action Tutoring involved lots of work on the design and development of our tutoring resources – I was attracted by the creativity involved in making these resources impactful and interesting.

My current role involves supporting tutors to learn and develop, through initial tutor training, optional further training and tutor observations. When doing observations, I enjoy seeing our dedicated tutors at work and using my teaching experience to provide feedback and support. Observations also allow my team to spot opportunities to continually improve our resources, training and tech guidance, so we are always learning.

Diversity and inclusion is also a big part of my role; our tutoring can only be high quality if we’re making things inclusive for our pupils, tutors and staff. It’s rewarding to work on projects that are aiming to improve Action Tutoring as a whole and making positive change.

The working groups are a good way of getting to branch out beyond my role to other things I’m interested in, and to work with different colleagues from across the organisation.


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