Lucy Farnan-Stone

Lucy joined Action Tutoring in 2023 as our Maths Curriculum Lead.

The shared passion and drive of the people at Action Tutoring is inspiring.

I am extremely passionate about supporting disadvantaged pupils with their Maths education and this role allows me to play an integral part in Action Tutoring’s mission whilst immersing myself within mathematical pedagogy and curriculum design.

Specifically, I enjoy using evidence-based practice to ensure the Maths Curriculum and Training we offer to tutors provides the highest quality tutoring experience to the students we serve.

I am looking forward to reaching more disadvantaged students so they can receive high quality Maths and English tuition.

The role offers flexitime and TOIL which allows me to establish a great work-life balance. As a working mum who is passionate about her career, this is a lifeline that allows me to succeed in both my personal and professional life.