Individual English support for a pupil at Heartlands Academy

The countdown is on as we enter the final term before our Year 11 pupils sit their GCSE exams. Programmes are back up and running after a two week break and it’s time for our pupils to give one final push! One such pupil is Shantae Smith of Heartlands Academy in Birmingham, who has been improving her English Language skills with the help of her tutor, Chloe, for six weeks. Action Tutoring sessions provide our English pupils with the opportunity to develop the grammar, vocabulary and linguistic techniques that could make all the difference to the grade secured in the summer exam.


After the exams Shantae hopes to start a career in leisure and tourism. She hadn’t heard of this as a career until she entered Year 11 but now she has found out more she thinks it might be the choice for her. She also enjoys Drama, her favourite subject at school, and imagines she would enjoy working with children. While Shantae isn’t certain which path she will take, she is sure of the importance of trying her best when it comes to the exams. “Without an English GCSE I wouldn’t be able to do most things”, she said when asked why doing well was important to her. “Without a grade C I couldn’t progress”. She hopes to go to University as it “allows you to progress” and “broadens your understanding of the world”, but realising this ambition depends on her achieving the right grades.


Over the weeks Shantae has remained dedicated to the tutoring programme and has 100% attendance so far. She knows the benefit of her time spent with Chloe; she likes the individual support she receives and the opportunity to progress further. She enjoys the sessions too - “There’s nothing I don’t like about it!”


Shantae now hopes to get an A in her English Language GCSE.