Success Stories

Talisa, Greenfield E-ACT Academy

Talisa is in Year 5 at Greenfield E-ACT Academy in Bristol. Her tutor, Matt, comes to the school each week, and they work on maths together for an hour along with another Year 5 pupil, Jenson. Matt has been very impressed by Talisa’s hard work and enthusiasm, and has really enjoyed watching the progress his pupils have made.

Talisa says:

“[Before tutoring] I really didn’t like it. I’ve always found maths really hard. I like it more now because it’s more fun. Matt [tutor] and Jenson [fellow pupil] make it really fun because they say a question and somehow make it funny. [My favourite subject] is probably when we get to do art. This week we are making clay.

[Tutoring has] helped me in a few lessons because maths is used in a lot of lessons. If you are writing a recipe, you have got to put in the right amount of ingredients, like putting in 200 ml of liquid in a glass jar.

[My tutor] is fun to talk to and makes everything funny. Three words I would use to describe him are funny, kind and helpful. [Tutoring will help me achieve more in the future because] I’ll know more and will accomplish more things. [Tutoring] would probably be good for [other pupils] because it will help them learn more and you get to practice things from class again like adding, taking away and multiplying. It’s really fun and all of the tutors are really kind. They’re actually trying to help you. If you’re in a class with 30 other people, then it’s harder for the teacher because they have to help everyone at the same time. It’s better to have a tutor because children are at different stages of learning. Thank you [to the tutors] for being there to help us!

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