Success Stories

Cooper, Dalmain Primary School

Cooper is in Year 6 at Dalmain Primary School in Forest Hill, South London. His tutor, Kay, comes to the school each week, and they work on maths together for an hour along with another Year 6 pupil. Kay has been very impressed by Cooper’s hard work and enthusiasm, and has really enjoyed watching the progress her pupils have made.

Cooper says:

“[At the start of the school year], I was quite nervous and I didn’t really know what was going to happen. I felt no confidence in maths at all. I couldn’t get anything right…I had rubbish times tables, I couldn’t really do anything.

Tutoring has definitely been helpful for me with maths. Because, it’s not strict or anything, it’s like perfect, and you just get your own little time to do like whatever you want to do and get better.

My tutor is always really nice, and she doesn’t say things that would make you want to stop or whatever. At the end we do like a ‘noughts and crosses’ where we have to answer a sum and if we get it right we get a turn, and if we don’t get it right we have to give the other person a chance.

Maths is important, this has helped me a lot so I’m very grateful and it’s been really really good. All I can really say is it’s really really good and it helps a lot, because I was not confident with maths at all and now I’m quite confident and I can do a lot better than I did before, that’s the only thing I can really say to encourage [other children].”

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