News & Insights 5 September 2022

5th September: International Day of Charity Celebration

What is the International Day of Charity?

5th September marks the International Day of Charity celebration, as a way to raise awareness and mobilise people, NGOs, and governments all around the world to help others through volunteering and philanthropic activities.

The International Day of Charity started in Hungary as a way for the Hungarian Civil Society to enhance visibility, organise charitable events and raise public support for charity.

The date of 5th September was chosen to commemorate the passing of Mother Teresa, who was known for her dedication to charitable work and giving her life to helping others and overcoming poverty, suffering, and distress.

There are not many great things, only small things with great love.

Mother Teresa 

Why is the International Day of Charity important?

The goal today is to spark discussion about how to use our time and resources wisely so that we can be there for disadvantaged people who need our support.

By encouraging social responsibility on 5th September, we aim to raise awareness of the needs of the most vulnerable to help communities who need us the most. 

On this day we also thank our volunteers for all their support and commitment. Last academic year, over 2,000 volunteer tutors provided over 30,000 tutoring sessions in English or maths to disadvantaged children who needed some extra support. 

Volunteering can be a rewarding experience and has the potential to make a real change in the lives of the most vulnerable.

How to get involved

Take some time to reflect about the causes you care about

International Day of Charity helps bring our attention back and raise awareness for all the little ways we can help.

Why not take some time today to think about what causes you care about so you can dedicate your time and energy giving back to the community? Charity organisations rely on people who are interested and committed to helping others.

Visit a volunteer centre

Volunteer centres are in most communities and can be visited in-person, called, or contacted online. There, you can receive specialist advice about which volunteering opportunity might suit your interests and skills.

If you’re a student, your university will have a volunteering department that can provide advice. If you’re employed, there’s a chance your work might have a Corporate Social Responsibility department or policy and can point you in the right direction, too.

Find other ways to support

Found a cause you’re interested in, but don’t quite have enough time to volunteer yet? You can support your chosen charity in other ways. Donations are vital to the running of any charity, and it really is a case of every little helps. 

You can also support charities by spreading the word about their work. Share what you know about them with a friend who might be interested in volunteering, or share their posts on social media. Advocacy can be as small as one click to share, and is key in raising awareness of a charity’s mission. 

Interested in supporting Action Tutoring today?

Education in this country isn’t fair. If you are from a poorer socio-economic background, you are less likely to achieve academically than your peers. 

At Action Tutoring, we believe that all children should have access to equal education opportunities, no matter their socioeconomic status, as this leads to a brighter future. We are proud to have created a strong community of inspiring volunteers, who are crucial in our mission to reach more disadvantaged pupils and offer tailored academic support. 

If education equality is a cause you’re passionate about, apply to volunteer as a tutor with us. You only need to spare an hour each week to help disadvantaged pupils progress in English and maths.

Spread the word 

You can also help by sharing this post on social media to raise awareness and inspire others who might be interested in volunteering as a tutor with us.