News & Insights 13 December 2021

How Action Tutoring’s partner schools benefit from our volunteers

Action Tutoring’s volunteers are an invaluable resource to our partner schools. Not only do they help pupils achieve better grades, but they also serve as positive role models who support them so they can thrive at school and later in life.

Our mission at Action Tutoring is to support young people facing socio-economic disadvantage to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment. We do this by partnering with primary and secondary schools in England where a higher than average percentage of pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium funding.

Our tutors are committed individuals who contribute towards lowering the attainment gap and create a supportive environment for pupils so that they can feel confident and motivated to do better academically.

Volunteer tutors play an important role in helping state schools provide equal opportunities to all pupils. Our core value is that everyone has the right to educational support and resources no matter their background. Our team at Action Tutoring is highly motivated and excited to work towards a brighter future for all young people.

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We understand the demands and pressures that schools are under, especially after the pandemic. This is why we encourage primary and secondary schools to partner with us so we can deliver sustainable and effective support to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The flexibility and desire to accommodate and work with our staff and pupils prior to and throughout the pandemic has been first rate. Communication and clarity of intent have always been clear and acted on swiftly, ensuring staff and pupils have been brilliantly supported. The commitment and desire to develop and advance our pupils has been superb.

Ben Carter – Assistant Headteacher, Bohunt Worthing

Why Action Tutoring?

Our Programme Coordinators are dedicated members of staff working closely with teachers to make sure all our programmes run smoothly and efficiently. They are all passionate about educational equality and work hard to ensure pupils gain the most from their tutoring sessions with our volunteers.

Launching our online tutoring sessions during lockdown was an important step to help pupils who were hit hard by the pandemic and school closures. From September 2019 to March 2020, before the disruption, pupils supported by Action Tutoring made an average of +12% progress from their initial assessment, conducted at the start of their programme, to their progress assessment in February. You can read more about the impact of our tutoring programmes here.

Who are our volunteers?

Our amazing volunteers care about the wellbeing of the pupils, and not just their general academic success. During our recruitment process, we make sure that tutors are caring and empathetic individuals with a genuine interest in making a difference and helping young people.

We carefully assess all our applications and work with volunteers that have a strong academic background (at least a B at A Level in the subject they want to tutor). We also make sure they have excellent communication skills in order to effectively pass on their knowledge to their pupils.

The three main groups of volunteers we work with are already employed corporate volunteers working full-time or part time, university students, and retired professionals, including former teachers, who all believe in our mission. They are dedicated volunteers who want to give back to their community and share their knowledge with young people.

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us.

Pupils will feel the benefit of having positive role models around them, who are giving their time to support others, investing in their education and supporting their school. Some might even be inspired to volunteer later in life and learn the importance of giving.

If you’re interested in partnering with Action Tutoring, or simply looking for more information, please complete the application form below.