Fuelling futures, month by month: how Payroll Giving powers Action Tutoring

5 February 2024

Payroll Giving Month February 2024 #PayrollGivingMonth

Every February, charities, Payroll Giving agencies, professional funding organisations, and companies come together to raise awareness of Payroll Giving.

Payroll Giving (sometimes known as Give as You Earn) is an easy and tax-efficient way of making regular donations to your favourite charities straight from your gross pay. There are many benefits to this form of giving, and at Action Tutoring, we advocate it as an efficient and effortless way to support our mission and help us tackle the attainment gap head-on. Read on to learn about Payroll Giving and how you can set it up in three simple steps!

Impactful giving

Supporting Action Tutoring through payroll giving allows us to continue our vital work across the country, supporting over 5,700 pupils to achieve their dreams. We believe that disadvantaged pupils do not lack the drive or ambition, but the resources to help them succeed academically. A steady donation stream coming in monthly allows us to plan ahead with this vital work, and a seemingly small monthly contribution can add up to make a real difference in a child’s life.  

£5 a month could provide online tutor training for a volunteer tutor

and £10 a month could provide a high quality workbook for a face-to-face pupil.

Image of a tutor and pupil at an Action Tutoring

Convenience and ease

Donating to Action Tutoring by a Payroll Giving Scheme is super easy and convenient! Donations are taken straight from your gross salary (before your tax is deducted) which provides you with immediate tax relief on your donations. 

Depending on your individual tax situation, you could receive tax relief on each one of your donations. Take the example of a high tax rate such as 40% to begin: on a £20 pledge you could reclaim £8 from your tax bill, effectively reducing your net contribution to £12. With Payroll Giving, regardless of whether your tax situation is higher (45% allows £9 tax relief from £20) or lower (20% allows £4 tax relief from £20), your donation will go further at less of a cost to you.

Image of a smiling tutor and pupil in an Action Tutoring session

Set up Payroll Giving today!

You can set up payroll giving by following these three easy steps.

  1. Check your employer is signed up to a Payroll Giving Agency, like the Charities Aid Foundation.
  2. Ask your payroll team to set you up on payroll giving. It’s as simple as ticking a box on your payroll system!
  3. Choose Action Tutoring as your charity of choice and set the amount you want to give each payday. No matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference.

Please share this with others too, by resharing the blog on social media and engaging with our content about Payroll Giving this month on Action Tutoring’s social media platforms, using the hashtag #PayrollGivingMonth.

Image showing how much a contribution can do for Action Tutoring. Pupil workbook = £5.99, Headphones for online learning = £25, Online training for 20 volunteer tutors = £62, 1 year of face to face tutoring for a pupil = £391
What difference can your donation make?

“Payroll Giving is a great way to support Action Tutoring. These donations enable us to plan ahead with our vital work. It’s a really effortless way for employees to donate to us and helps us reach more disadvantaged pupils that need our support to achieve their dreams”

Hannah O’Neill, Head of Philanthropy

Mum and daughter conquer Sheffield 10K to tackle educational inequalities

1 December 2023

The streets of Sheffield witnessed a heartwarming display of determination as Action Tutoring’s Sheffield programme coordinator, Rachel, and her mum, Mary, took on the Sheffield 10K run to raise funds to support disadvantaged pupils.

The Sheffield 10K saw thousands of runners enjoying South Yorkshire’s famous Steel City, with the route taking runners out of the city and into the surrounding areas before returning to the city centre for the finish.

Weathering a storm

The wet and windy weather didn’t stop the mother-daughter pair from braving through the storm to cross the finish line. They endured the weather with a shared goal in mind – to make a difference in the lives of children and young people facing disadvantage in schools.

Fundraising run
Rachel and mum, Mary, proudly display their Sheffield 10K medal

Generous donors

The pair were spurred on by their supportive friends and family through the run and fundraising efforts. They raised £394 plus £92.50 in Gift Aid. Rachel shared how they were touched by the generosity of donors and well-wishers, especially tutors who already give their time to volunteer for Action Tutoring.

“The kind words, lovely messages, and donations from tutors who already do so much for Action Tutoring were particularly heartwarming.”


The total of £486.50 can translate into providing 14 new pairs of noise-cancelling headphones for pupils receiving tutoring support or equally covering the cost of enhanced DBS checks for 45 tutors.

Go for it! 

Despite the daunting physical and mental hurdles of the run, Rachel and Mary completed it in high spirits, embodying perseverance and commitment to the cause. 

Rachel’s advice for future fundraisers contemplating a similar challenge is simple.

“Go for it! If you are new to running or have never entered a running event before, they’re a brilliant way to motivate yourself.”


Rachel also advised that running with a friend or listening to a podcast or music serves as an effective distraction during the tougher moments in training for the race.

Fundraising run - Sheffield 10K
Rachel’s mum, Mary, shows off the mission of Action Tutoring at the back of her T-shirt during the run

“We are so proud of Rachel and Mary for tackling the Sheffield 10K to support disadvantaged children and young people. You’re both amazing advocates for Action Tutoring and have championed our mission in a triumphant way. With your help, we can tackle education inequality head-on. Thank you!

Head of Philanthropy, Hannah O’Neill

Do you want to get involved in a fundraising challenge for us? We’re currently looking for fundraisers to fill our charity spaces on the Hackney Half 2024 and the RideLondon-Essex 60 2024. Please complete the form in link below or contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Molly: molly.cottrill@actiontutoring.org.uk.

Donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge this Giving Tuesday

28 November 2023

In 2012, in the heart of New York City, the seeds of Giving Tuesday were sown with a vision to inspire a wave of radical generosity and celebrate the act of giving. Since then, it has grown into a global movement, motivating millions to contribute their time and resources to charities and communities in need.

Each year, on November 28th, following the Thanksgiving festivities and the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is commemorated with the hope that the spirit of giving will capture the attention of people who’ve just enjoyed a shopping spree, encouraging them to donate and volunteer.

Giving Tuesday marks the start of The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023, which will run for one week until the 5th of December. Action Tutoring is taking part in the challenge for the fourth time, with our biggest target yet!

Our Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s largest match-funding campaign. A match-funded campaign consists of a “match-fund” pot that is used to double online donations made during campaign week. This means that one donation has twice the impact! 

Our target this year is bigger than ever – £6,000. From 28th November – 5th December, any amount we raise will be doubled from our pledge fund, generously added to by our pledgers and champion funders, the Scouloudi Foundation.

The raised amount will go towards vital programme delivery, providing pupils with high-quality workbooks and noise-cancelling headphones, and tutors with enhanced DBS checks.

#YouInspiredMe: The power of educators

Our 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge is on the theme #YouInspiredMe, spotlighting the remarkable influence of teachers and tutors on the lives of young individuals and the enduring impact of their efforts well into adulthood. We want to thank these exceptional educators whilst recognising the importance of education during this festive time of giving.

We firmly believe that everyone possesses something unique to give, whether it’s their skills, knowledge, money, time, or simply their voice to champion a cause close to their heart.

A pupil receiving tutoring

The recent challenges with giving against the growing need

We all recognise that the past year has brought its own set of challenges. A global pandemic, rising inflation, and the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza have all put a strain on people’s capacity to give. According to the CAF’s 2023 UK Giving Report, giving has still not recovered to pre-pandemic levels and the cost-of-living crisis has led a quarter of people to alter their charitable behaviours or are planning on doing so. 

Volunteering levels have also declined, with 1.6 million fewer volunteers than five years ago.

Despite these challenges, our pupils need support more than ever. The academic attainment gap is at its widest in a decade and the demand for tutoring in schools continues to rise. We cannot stand idly by as disadvantaged children struggle to meet expected performance standards and face limited opportunities for future careers.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a lasting impact. This Giving Tuesday and for the Big Give Christmas Challenge, support us to ensure more children receive necessary academic support.

A pupil excited about tutoring

How to give and support our work

Donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge on our campaign page from November 28th to December 5th. Don’t forget that your donation will be doubled! One donation equals twice the impact.

Volunteer as a tutor – You can tutor students in English or maths at primary or secondary levels, either online or in-person, dedicating just one hour per week.

If you’re unable to give your time or make a donation, you can still support our cause by spreading the word. Share this blog with friends, family, and on your social media platforms, using our hashtag #YouInspiredMe

As we celebrate Giving Tuesday, let’s continue to support the causes close to our hearts. Kindness and acts of generosity are essential to empowering children and young people to unlock their academic potential. Together, we can make a difference and inspire change.

Our Big Give campaign video

Could you make your gift go further? #TickTheBox

5 October 2023

Could you help us make £1.25 out of £1 by ticking the box for Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. When a UK taxpayer makes a donation to a charity, that charity is eligible to receive an additional 25% of the donated amount. 

The arrangement serves as a tax relief mechanism benefiting charities in the UK, ultimately boosting contributions without any additional cost to the donor.

What is Gift Aid awareness day?

5th of October each year is Gift Aid Awareness Day. This is an initiative run by the Charity Finance Group to raise awareness of the importance of Gift Aid.

Why you should #TickTheBox

Action Tutoring is registered for Gift Aid, allowing us to claim an extra 25% on every donation from His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). But this is only possible when donors tick the Gift Aid box. 

If you are eligible for Gift Aid and can tick the box, your donation could go even further. Gift Aid can add up to substantial amounts and really makes a difference at Action Tutoring and to the lives of the young people we support.

“When you #TickTheBox, we get an extra 25% donation at absolutely no cost to the donor. If you do pay tax, it’s such an easy way to support your charity of choice without any extra effort. It helps us to do more of the great things we already do! I always #TickTheBox when I donate to any cause I care about. As a fundraiser, I know what a difference it makes to charities,”

Hannah O’Neill, Head of Philanthropy at Action Tutoring
Watch this video to learn more about Gift Aid Awareness Day

Donating to Action Tutoring with JustGiving

You can donate to Action Tutoring through JustGiving. After you have entered your donation amount and confirmed that the donation is your own money, you will be asked to add Gift Aid and tick the box.

Donating to Action Tutoring by bank transfer

If you are donating via bank transfer, or have a direct debit with us and would like to add Gift Aid, it’s really simple.

Just reach out to our Fundraising Coordinator, Molly, on molly.cottrill@actiontutoring.org.uk, to ask for a Gift Aid Declaration form, which only takes a couple of minutes to fill out.

Tutoring session - tick the box

Thank you for your donations and support

Your support for Action Tutoring is invaluable and we couldn’t provide our vital tutoring service without you. Gift Aid can make your support go further, allowing us to help more disadvantaged young people to reach their academic potential.

“We use the extra donations to support our pupils even further. Donations and Gift Aid help us provide more pupils with workbooks, headphones and access to our online classroom, with every high-quality tutoring session moving them closer to success in key exams,”

Hannah O’Neill, Head of Philanthropy at Action Tutoring

If you cannot add Gift Aid, your donation still creates a lasting impact, and we value every contribution you can make.

Please refer to this link for more government guidance on Gift Aid eligibility and conditions.

London 10K Race: Volunteers take on challenge to raise funds

6 September 2023

The streets of London, which are usually filled with motor traffic in summer, were teeming with over 17,000 keen runners working up a sweat in the popular London 10k race. Starting at Green Park, participants raced past iconic landmarks including Westminster Bridge, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Downing Street.

Six of Action Tutoring’s staff and volunteers ran in the race and raised over £1800 to support young people facing disadvantage.

Family, friends and supporters lined the route, including Action Tutoring’s Corporate Partnerships Manager, Sam, and Operations Manager,  Sarah, who both cheered from the sidelines and congratulated the team at the finish line

“It was a joy to be part of and I enjoyed catching up with our runners afterwards. Each person was running for a cause they believed in and they had a clear passion for tutoring, along with plenty of stories to share from their sessions.”

From left: Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris at London 10K marathon
From left: Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris

Absorbing the atmosphere

The energetic atmosphere really lifted Chris’ spirit during the race, helping him to push through the pain.

“The hardest part of the race was maintaining a steady pace and to hang on for the last few kilometres,”


Ten live bands along the route played booming music to keep them motivated, with drums matching the hum of the runners’ rhythm.

“The last kilometre of any race is always difficult, as you can see the finish line within your grasp but you’re not quite there yet! The 9-kilometre “blast zone” was great as there was lots of loud music pumping and a big crowd to take everyone over the finish line”


Taking in the sights

It would be impossible to run along London’s roads on an average day so it was extremely special for our runners to experience this route. Chris and Dawid have advice for anyone considering taking on the London 10k for Action Tutoring.

“The crowd and the location and everything that went with it made for an unusual experience so I think the main thing is to enjoy it and try to take it all in.”


“Make sure you train in advance to ensure you can spend all your energy simply enjoying race day and running in one of the world’s greatest cities” 

Molly and Eve at London 10K marathon
Molly and Eve

Keeping the cause in mind

The race was a challenge, however, our runners said that they were ultimately motivated by thinking of the cause they had worked hard to fundraise for.

“I wanted to do more to get involved with and connect with my local community. Tutoring is a great way to do that in a positive meaningful way and to share your enjoyment of a subject with developing minds. The race and the fundraising were a great way of keeping up motivation for running every week.”


Fundraising success

Although fundraising in the current climate can be challenging, the Action Tutoring team raised a collective £1,800.36, and an extra £318.00 in Gift Aid.

Their funds could provide 84 pairs of noise-cancelling headphones for pupils receiving online tutoring or training resources for 34 volunteer tutors.

“Well done to all our runners who have achieved this incredible personal feat. We are extremely proud of you as advocates for Action Tutoring. You have raised an incredible amount for disadvantaged young people whilst also raising the profile of Action Tutoring, allowing more people to recognise the importance of tutoring in tackling inequality and closing the attainment gap in education. Thank you!”

Hannah O’Neill, Head of Philanthropy
Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris at London 10K marathon
Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris

Feeling inspired?

Are you inspired to take on a sponsored challenge for Action Tutoring? You can support young people who need it most by fundraising for a challenge such as a hike, cycle, walk, or run. To find out more, visit our fundraising page.

Also, you can be a part of our mission to transform lives in many other ways – volunteer for an hour a week to support children, donate to our work or advocate to contribute to a brighter future for disadvantaged young people.

Going the extra mile: Employees run for a cause

20 July 2023

In a remarkable display of spirit, three extraordinary employees of Action Tutoring stepped up to the challenge to run for fundraising. Going beyond their day-to-day roles at our charity, Rachel, Beth, and Georgia embarked on sponsored runs, pushing their physical limits to raise funds to support tutoring disadvantaged young people. 

Let’s dive into their inspiring stories to find out what fuelled their motivations to conquer the challenge.

Conquering the Great Bristol Run

Rachel Roberts, our Bristol and Sussex Programme Manager, fearlessly tackled the renowned 2023 Great Bristol Run. With perfect weather conditions and an atmosphere charged with excitement, Rachel soared through the course, leaving her challenges in the dust.

“The running conditions were perfect, the weather was warm and windless, and the atmosphere was fantastic.”


After the intense physical effort and fundraising effort of £165 which increases to £201 with Gift Aid, Rachel deservedly relaxed under the sun, sharing a well-earned celebratory drink with friends.

Rachel runs in Action Tutoring T-shirt

Reflecting on her experience, Rachel’s key piece of advice for future fundraisers undertaking a similar journey, is to make sure you tell your friends and family your estimated running time.

“Tell your spectators your estimated running time or they may miss you on the route.”


Thriving in the heat of the Great Manchester Run

For Beth Carlow, the scorching heat on the day of the Great Manchester Run didn’t deter her from embracing the challenge. Our training and quality coordinator plunged into the race with an unwavering spirit. Live music, enthusiastic crowds, and bustling streets added an extra layer of excitement to the thrilling event.

The heat presented an additional physical hurdle for Beth.

“The toughest part was running in the heat, especially having completed most of the training in the more typical Manchester conditions of grey skies and drizzle.”


She proudly wore her hard-earned medal throughout the day, showcasing her achievement to the world. For those contemplating a similar challenge, Beth emphasized that participating in a race for charity is not only a fantastic way to raise funds for Action Tutoring but also serves as a powerful motivator during training and on race day. Beth raised £360 plus £56 through Gift Aid.

Trailblazing at the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon

Away from the loud cheers of other races, Georgia Pearson, the London Programme Coordinator embarked on the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon. With each stride,  Georgia relished the breathtaking experience of running amidst picturesque trails rather than the usual humdrum of city roads. 

Georgia said she found solace and strength in the run-through trails, a welcome distraction during challenging moments of the run.

“I really enjoyed the challenge of running a half-marathon and the fact that it was on trails rather than road running because it meant I could focus on the lovely surroundings when it got tough!”


Beyond running along the scenic route, another highlight for Georgia was spotting The Wombles!

With the race behind her, Georgia was thrilled to witness the donations pouring in amounting to £625 plus £136 through Gift Aid – knowing that every contribution would support Action Tutoring’s impactful work.

“It was great to see the donations rolling in after I had completed the race and know that the money will support Action Tutoring’s work. It has definitely inspired me to take on bigger and more difficult challenges in the future”


For aspiring runners, take note of Georgia’s advice: Just go for it and you won’t regret it.

Get involved to make a difference

Feeling inspired by the extraordinary achievements of Rachel, Beth, and Georgia?

Visit our fundraising page to learn more about how you can lace up your running shoes, take on a sponsored run to harness the power of your strides and become a hero for those in need.

Be a part of our mission to transform lives in many other ways – volunteer for an hour a week to support children, donate to our work or advocate to contribute to a brighter future for disadvantaged young people. 

Together, we can cross the finish line of opportunity and build brighter futures for every child.

Volunteers take on Hackney Half Marathon to raise funds

22 June 2023

The six runners raced for 13 miles at Hackney Half to raise over £2700 to support tutoring

The atmosphere at Hackney Marshes, the start and end point for the Hackney Half Marathon, was electrifying. Throngs of supporters had lined up the streets of the 13.1 mile course.

From shaking tambourines and blowing loud whistles to chanting runners’ names, motivation from the hundreds of thousands of cheering crowds was on full display.

A field of 24,000 runners who signed up for the half marathon were ready to push their minds and bodies to the finish line. Among the runners were six volunteers – Sam, Rhea, Tom, Luke, August, and James – taking on the challenge to raise funds in support of Action Tutoring’s mission.

The run started from the Hackney Marshes, through some of East London’s creative and popular spots including Broadway Market, Hackney Empire, Hackney Wick and Victoria Park.

Ramon, a finance administrator at Action Tutoring, was one of supporters cheering the runners on, alongside their family and friends at the finish line.

It had a festival-like atmosphere with music playing, buzzing energy and a great community spirit to encourage runners to push through to the very end.


Physical toll

Running for 13.1 miles, an equivalent of 21 kilometres, is no mean feat and presents a massive challenge to the body. It exerts a physical toll that Tom, one of our brilliant volunteer runners, found out quite early-on in the race.

Tom volunteer runner
Tom – volunteer runner

I had sort of shin splints and knee problems throughout the entire race, but I just had to dig deep. I kept it going, one foot in front of the other.


For Tom, the core takeaway from this challenge is doing something amazing in the name of charity, regardless of time or speed.

It’s about having a good time, but it’s also about finishing the race and being part of the whole event and not pushing yourself too hard.


Our volunteer runner, Rhea, also found the race painful but the reward was soothing.

It was so painful for a lot of it. But the whole time, it was amazing mentally yet physically terrifying.


Staying motivated

To take on a big challenge like this, you need motivation to keep you going from mile to mile, or even at tougher points, step to step.

Our runners said the big motivators for them included the support from friends and family was a big motivator, people who donated to their fundraising pages and fans who cheered them on as they ran.

I saw people that shouted “Action Tutoring”, and that they have a brother and sister who has been tutored by the charity’s volunteers.

James - volunteer runner
James – volunteer runner

Eye on the prize

Another big motivation for the six runners through the thick and thin of the half marathon was the cause. Keeping in mind the altruistic reason they had taken on the huge challenge in the first place as the ultimate prize saw them through the race.

All funds raised will help increase access to tutoring for pupils from low-income families across the country. All our runners have previously or currently volunteered on our programmes. Action Tutoring works with volunteers to provide academic support in maths and English to primary and secondary pupils facing disadvantage.

While running, Rhea remained steadfast by thinking of the work and impact of Action Tutoring. 

I’ve signed up for a half marathon before and not followed through with it and then this opportunity came up with Action Tutoring and I just thought that’s an amazing cause to be running for and that I’d love to push myself to be doing something more for them.


She urged people wishing to take on a challenge for a cause such as this to definitely go for it, as the pride in personal achievement and charity is worth it.

Definitely do it! Even though I know I just described it as very painful, that is going to be something I can look back on and be really proud of.

Rhea - volunteer runner
Rhea – volunteer runner

Planting important seeds

Tom said he felt inspired by his fulfilling tutoring experience and decided to take his support one step further by taking on this challenge.

I’ve been a tutor for over seven months now and I’ve seen the great work that Action Tutoring does. This was just a different avenue that I could the help the charity reach more disadvantaged children and hopefully spread awareness about their work.


James also shared that the charity’s cause was close to his heart, elaborating why raising awareness for Action Tutoring was important to him.

I know people who have learning challenges or haven’t had the best upbringing or families that don’t necessarily understand the importance of education. I know the value of tutoring. For people to give up their time to help young people, they’re planting seeds – important seeds.


Fundraising success

Luke - volunteer runner
Luke – volunteer runner

Our runners not only worked hard at the race, but with their fundraising efforts. A staggering total of £2705 was raised collectively, smashing the original group target of £1800, or £300 per runner.

The raised amount translates into purchasing over 450 workbooks for face-to-face tutoring or 108 headphones for online delivery.

We are so proud of our runners for taking on this incredible physical feat whilst fundraising for Action Tutoring. Thank you to all the runners and all those who donated and supported each runner’s fundraiser. We can’t do our vital work without your support and advocacy.

Hannah O’Neill, Head of Philanthropy at Action Tutoring

With the raised funds and visibility from the Hackney Half Marathon, Action Tutoring will continue to work tirelessly to inspire disadvantaged young people and help them unlock their academic potential.

Championing for the future of children today

6 June 2023

Exactly 11 years ago, Action Tutoring piloted its first tutoring programme supporting 20 pupils in two secondary schools in Peckham, London. The goal was to provide tutoring to disadvantaged children who couldn’t afford the cost of private provision. 

The positive feedback from pupils and volunteer tutors on the preliminary programme spurred the charity to scale up the tutoring model in state schools across the country. Fast forward to this academic year, we’ve supported over 26,000 pupils with the help of over 9,000 committed, high-quality volunteer tutors from a fascinating range of backgrounds.

As well as  replicating our tutoring model in several regions across England, we’ve continued to increase our reach within London.

Today, we are launching our Champions for Children campaign, a match-funding initiative designed to support children and young people in London.

What is the Champions for Children campaign?

It’s a fundraising initiative launched in 2020 in response to the devastating effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on vulnerable children. Since then, the Champions for Children has continued to raise funds to support children across four key priority areas: Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing, Home & Community Environment and, Learning & Work Readiness 

We’ve ran match-funding campaigns before, but this is our first year taking part in this fantastic campaign run by The Childhood Trust, in collaboration with The Big Give

The Childhood Trust’s research shows that as much as 35% of London’s children live in poverty. With your support, we can help tackle this problem and reduce the effects of poverty on vulnerable young people. 

Starting from 6th June, until 20th  of June, we are aiming to raise £4,000 in donations  to fight education inequalities in London. To further the impact, this £4,000 will be match-funded, raising our total target to £8,000. That means one donation = double the impact!

All funds raised will support our brilliant pupils t in London, as we want to celebrate where Action Tutoring started whilst combating education inequalities in the capital.

What is a match-funded campaign?

Match funding does what it says on the tin! Donations from you are matched from the pot to double the fundraised income. So, for every £1 you donate, £1 is added  from our match fund. This pot has been kindly built up by generous pledgers and The Childhood Trust.

Pupil taking online tutoring

What will my donation be going towards?

Your donation will contribute towards workbooks for face-to-face sessions and headphones for online sessions so pupils can benefit from high-quality tutoring.

Some of the funds will also  provide DBS checks for tutors volunteering with us in London, which is vital for safeguarding.

The minimum donation amount is £1 and the maximum is £25,000, so you are free to give an amount that suits you best.

How can I get involved?

We encourage you to get involved with the campaign in as many ways as possible! You can:

With your help and donations, we will be better placed to provide support for pupils facing disadvantage in London and take several steps closer to levelling the playing field in education.

102 miles in 24 hours: Ultramarathon fundraiser for disadvantaged children

1 June 2023

Andreas takes on the 102-mile ultramarathon fundraiser to raise £3000 for Action Tutoring

Andreas Vassiliou has been volunteering as a tutor with Action Tutoring since January this year. Each week, makes time to provide maths tutoring to pupils in community schools in Lambeth and Islington, London.

After experiencing first-hand the value of tutoring and our consistent advocacy in education, Andreas has become a strong proponent of Action Tutoring’s mission. He believes in the charity’s work to help pupils make meaningful academic progress as a means to open doors to better future opportunities.

“I have seen first hand the impact Action Tutoring has, and I also admire the determination of Action Tutoring to advocate for policy changes at the national level”


In May, Andreas decided to up his support by taking on a daunting, personal fundraising challenge – a 24-hour ultramarathon.

When Andreas was deciding to take on this test of endurance for charity, he knew two things: he would run to fundraise for Action Tutoring and this challenge would massively push his physical and mental capabilities.

“This challenge came to mind whilst sitting on my sofa only a couple of months ago and Action Tutoring immediately came to mind as a charity I will do it for.”


Run as many miles

His determination was to run as many miles as he could in 24 hours. After arming himself with all the essential snacks and smoothies to fuel him in his pursuit, Andreas was off.

Snacks for the ultramarathon fundraiser

He ran along the London Thames path and even took on the Southwark Parkrun around the 18th hour of his marathon.

Mentally tough

Andreas had ups and downs throughout the run, with the last two hours being the toughest mentally. However, he had incredible support all throughout the challenge, with friends and family lifting his spirits at the start of the run and some even doing parts of the run with him at different points.

“The final two hours on my own were mentally tough and I couldn’t manage more than 20 metres of jogging by the end. I had incredible support throughout as I did Southwark Park Run on Saturday morning with a big group of friends and family which really lifted my spirits.”

Andreas and friends at the ultramarathon fundraiser
Andreas (in front) with supportive friends
Andreas and friends
Andreas’ friends join him at certain points of the ultramarathon
Andreas (second from left) and friends
Andreas (second from left) and friends

Funds from ultramarathon fundraiser

By the end of the arduous run, Andreas had raised a total of £3000 for Action Tutoring. The amount can cover the purchase of 500 workbooks or train 48 more volunteer tutors to expand academic support to more children facing disadvantage.

“On the fundraising front, I used social media – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, whatever it is to spread the word.


Andreas’ family and friends cheered him on at the end of the exhausting 102-mile run. After catching some breath, Andreas enjoyed a well-deserved Korean meal as a reward for the vigorous and inspiring fundraising effort.

Outside your comfort zone

Reflecting on the run and sharing lessons for others wishing to take on a walk, run, cycle, or hike for charity in the future, Andreas recommends setting realistic goals. However, he will challenge people to also go the extra mile to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

“If a goal doesn’t scare you a little it probably isn’t challenging enough! I’m a strong believer in growth coming from outside your comfort zone.”


Taking on a fundraising challenge for charity can be very rewarding and fulfilling. If you are wondering how you can contribute to our work, find out more about getting involved with fundraising, volunteering, donations or advocacy to support young people facing disadvantage.

Andreas reaches the end of the ultramarathon for charity