News & Insights 8 March 2021

Back to school! Action Tutoring resumes face-to-face tutoring as schools return


Photo courtesy of Abbeywood School

As pupils return to schools this week, we’re delighted to be able to begin delivering face-to-face tutoring sessions again, in order to support the young people we work with to catch up on the learning they have missed.

The impact that school closures have had on disadvantaged pupils is extreme, and Action Tutoring welcomes the news of teachers, tutors and pupils being able to return to schools, to resume normal classroom teaching and help make up for the time lost.

For many families, the news of schools reopening may bring anxiety as well as relief, but we know that school is the best place to be for the young people we support.

We are working hard to ensure that tutoring can be delivered in person as safely as possible, in line with the current government guidelines, and we have updated our Covid-19 safety guidance for face-to-face programmes accordingly.

Action Tutoring is incredibly grateful to all of its team and network, who have worked tirelessly to ensure its tutoring support has been able to continue online while schools have been closed.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work, passion and dedication, which has helped disadvantaged pupils across the country with their academic catch-up so far. We are committed to ensuring that our pupils continue to receive support they need to get back on track.

Programme update

Following the government announcement that schools were to open on 8th March, Action Tutoring made the decision to resume in school tutoring from this date. From 8th March onwards, Action Tutoring will resume face-to-face tutoring sessions in schools, with social distancing in place.

We intend to continue to deliver most of our current programmes online until at least the Easter holidays. Pupils will take part in these online sessions from school, while tutors will continue to deliver them remotely, from home.

As face-to-face tutoring resuming, we are in need of volunteers to deliver in person sessions more than ever, to support disadvantaged pupils make up for the learning they have missed. We know that in person tutoring is of great value to both pupils and tutors, and we endeavour to make sure that these sessions can continue to go ahead safely.

Become a volunteer

Evidence shows that school closures have widened the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers further. Action Tutoring is committed to providing tutoring to as many young people as possible during this unsettling and challenging time.

This type of academic support is vital. Disadvantaged pupils need this support now more than ever before to ensure they can make up for the education lost and progress academically. Action Tutoring needs volunteer tutors to enable this to happen.

Apply now and become a volunteer with Action Tutoring to help disadvantaged pupils with English and/or maths, for as little as an hour a week.

For more information, please visit our Covid-19 FAQ page and read our Covid-19 statement.