News & Insights 6 June 2023

Championing for the future of children today

Exactly 11 years ago, Action Tutoring piloted its first tutoring programme supporting 20 pupils in two secondary schools in Peckham, London. The goal was to provide tutoring to disadvantaged children who couldn’t afford the cost of private provision. 

The positive feedback from pupils and volunteer tutors on the preliminary programme spurred the charity to scale up the tutoring model in state schools across the country. Fast forward to this academic year, we’ve supported over 26,000 pupils with the help of over 9,000 committed, high-quality volunteer tutors from a fascinating range of backgrounds.

As well as  replicating our tutoring model in several regions across England, we’ve continued to increase our reach within London.

Today, we are launching our Champions for Children campaign, a match-funding initiative designed to support children and young people in London.

What is the Champions for Children campaign?

It’s a fundraising initiative launched in 2020 in response to the devastating effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on vulnerable children. Since then, the Champions for Children has continued to raise funds to support children across four key priority areas: Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing, Home & Community Environment and, Learning & Work Readiness 

We’ve ran match-funding campaigns before, but this is our first year taking part in this fantastic campaign run by The Childhood Trust, in collaboration with The Big Give

The Childhood Trust’s research shows that as much as 35% of London’s children live in poverty. With your support, we can help tackle this problem and reduce the effects of poverty on vulnerable young people. 

Starting from 6th June, until 20th  of June, we are aiming to raise £4,000 in donations  to fight education inequalities in London. To further the impact, this £4,000 will be match-funded, raising our total target to £8,000. That means one donation = double the impact!

All funds raised will support our brilliant pupils t in London, as we want to celebrate where Action Tutoring started whilst combating education inequalities in the capital.

What is a match-funded campaign?

Match funding does what it says on the tin! Donations from you are matched from the pot to double the fundraised income. So, for every £1 you donate, £1 is added  from our match fund. This pot has been kindly built up by generous pledgers and The Childhood Trust.

Pupil taking online tutoring

What will my donation be going towards?

Your donation will contribute towards workbooks for face-to-face sessions and headphones for online sessions so pupils can benefit from high-quality tutoring.

Some of the funds will also  provide DBS checks for tutors volunteering with us in London, which is vital for safeguarding.

The minimum donation amount is £1 and the maximum is £25,000, so you are free to give an amount that suits you best.

How can I get involved?

We encourage you to get involved with the campaign in as many ways as possible! You can:

With your help and donations, we will be better placed to provide support for pupils facing disadvantage in London and take several steps closer to levelling the playing field in education.