News & Insights 8 September 2023

Five reasons why your school should partner with Action Tutoring this year

Action Tutoring works with primary and secondary state schools to deliver tutoring programmes for pupils in Years 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11 in English and maths. Established in 2011, we’ve developed an effective tutoring programme with proven impact.

97% of schools would recommend Action Tutoring to another school. Read on to find out why.

1. We subside our programmes with fundraising in order to keep costs down. 

Along with the National Tutoring Programme, our Philanthropy Team have worked tirelessly to fundraise so we can ensure disadvantaged pupils can still access our support, even when school budgets are tight. This year our tutoring costs as little as £10 per pupil hour

2. We provide a dedicated Programme Coordinator to take care of all of the administration.

As a team full of former teachers, we know exactly how little time you have to spare. And no teacher wants to spend their precious planning time doing extra admin. Our Programme Coordinators sort all the safeguarding, set up and on-going logistics for you.

And they aren’t just a mysterious person at the end of a helpline. In the majority of cases, they’ll be with you in school when tutoring takes place. And for online programmes, they are by your side ensuring the technology runs smoothly. 

3. We have a bespoke curriculum exclusively designed for Action Tutoring. 

You can be rest assured that your pupils will have materials that are age, stage and exam focussed. They’re not just worksheets pulled off the internet; they’ve been designed by Lead Practitioners and are specifically designed for use in a small group tutoring situation. Even our online versions have been adopted based on research on effective e-learning. 

Tutor using workbooks
Joanna Ball, tutor at Dalmain Primary School, Forest Hill, London

4. We make an impact, getting more pupils through key exam milestones.

We’re driven by the impact we make; after all, it’s the whole mission of our charity. So it’s very important to us that what we do makes a difference to the young people we support.

With more than a decade of impact analysis, you can be confident that the time your pupils spend with our tutors positively impacts their progress and attainment. 

5. We have a diverse and dedicated army of high-quality volunteer tutors trained and ready to inspire and support your pupils.

From retired teachers, to economics university students and solicitors, our tutors are diverse and inspirational. They give their time for free because they have the academic skills, as well as the right motivations.

So what’s holding you back?

Get in touch today through our school enquiries page and one of our brilliant team members will be in touch.