News & Insights 24 August 2023

GCSE Results Day: Celebrating the successes of the Class of 2023

Results day is one of the most critical days on the education calendar. Across the country today, candidates are receiving the outcome of the GCSE exams and considering the next stage of their lives – further education, training, or employment.

As an education charity that supports thousands of pupils in secondary schools each year, we appreciate firsthand the efforts and resilience of the cohort getting their results today. The pandemic dealt them a harsh hand, having to experience learning loss and disruption like never before in the last three years.

This cohort spent their years 8 and 9 learning through the Covid-19 lockdowns, with many reportedly struggling with post-pandemic school attendance and mental health challenges.

After years of hard work and determination in getting their learning right, the outcome is finally here. This morning, we visited schools in Merseyside, Newcastle, Bristol, and Sheffield to share in the excitement of results day and applaud the efforts of all the pupils we’ve supported through tutoring in the past year.

Let’s celebrate the successes and resilience of the Class of 2023!

The power of lived experiences

Rhiannan and Programme Coordinator Sophie Cowling
Rhiannan and Action Tutoring’s Programme Coordinator Sophie Cowling

At the Prescot School in Liverpool, Rhiannan and her family were excited about the outcome of her maths GCSE. Achieving a 4 in maths despite her learning difficulty with comprehending the subject is a win for Rhiannan, expressing her excitement about going on to study French, graphics, and 3D design in college.

“I can do what I want in college now that I have my maths GCSE. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Action Tutoring.”


Rhiannan received maths tutoring throughout the 2022-23 academic year, attending 13 sessions with her tutor, Rajinder – who also struggled with maths comprehension in the past.

Rhiannan’s mother, Lorraine, said she owes her daughter’s success to the tutoring support from Rajinder in the past year.

‘They were bouncing off each other. Thank you all for your help with everything. I hope you carry on your work with this school because it does work – it’s been a godsend.


Tutoring made a difference

At the Longbenton School in Newcastle upon Tyne, Kwadwo is happy with his results. He secured a 4 in maths and shared his gratitude to Action Tutoring for the tailored maths support he received in the last year.

Kwadwo had a strong attendance record for tutoring sessions – turning up for 26 tutoring sessions in total last year and this year. He is excited about going on to sixth form to study product design.

“Thank you for helping me pass my maths GCSE.”


Good to have support

Hafsa and Frankie are beaming with smiles and ‘feeling great’ about their GCSE results at the Fairfield High School in Bristol. They are both proceeding to sixth form.

Hafsa is going on to read human biology, psychology, and criminology while Frankie pursues psychology, sociology, and photography.

“It’s good to have one-on-one support and more in-depth help. You don’t have to be ashamed for not knowing something, you can just say it to the tutor and they’ll help you.”


Definitely worth it


At King Ecgbert School in Sheffield, Casper is pleased with his results. Having received English tutoring in 13 sessions last year, he scored a 4 in English language, a 5 in literature, and a 4 in maths.

“I’d say a big thank you. Going to those sessions really helped me and was definitely worth it. For an hour after school, it would be really easy to choose to skip it, but it could be the difference between a 3 and a 4.”


Looking upbeat after seeing his results, Chris at King Ecgbert was full of gratitude to his maths tutor.

“I’d say thank you to my tutor if they were here.”


Chris scored a 4 in his maths GCSE plus a 5 in English language and 6 in literature.

Be proud of yourself

The results and emotions in the schools we visited and across the country show that an incredible amount of hard work was invested by candidates into the GCSE qualification. All young people receiving their results today deserve immense credit for what they have achieved.

To the GCSE candidates and teachers: your achievements today are a testament to your spirit and perseverance during this unprecedented time in the history of education. Be proud of yourself and your hard work and remember you are worth more than your grades. 

Congratulations on this momentous day!