DBS information for volunteers

Action Tutoring will cover the cost of your DBS check, which is required for you to volunteer with us.

Before you attend training you will need to complete the online DBS application form via the uCheck website. Further details about accessing this will be emailed to you.

The form is quick to complete. You must:

  • Give at least five years of address history, even if you have been abroad in that time.
  • Give any middle names that you have. If you do not, the system will not accept the ID you present to us later.
  • Upload pictures/scans of three pieces of valid ID

You will then need to have these three pieces of valid ID with you during your training session. We cannot process your DBS check without seeing these. If you aren’t able to show them at training, you can book a follow-up video call, but note it may delay the start to your volunteering.

There are very strict government criteria detailing what documents can and cannot be accepted and the combination of documents we must see.  You can view the full list of what’s accepted, in which combination, through this link, or view a summary of the most commonly accepted documents below.  

One piece of ID must verify your current address, this is the address you have listed as your current address on the online DBS application form and will be where your certificate is sent.  If you are a student, this can be your home (non-term time) address, if you have documents registered there.

Unfortunately we cannot accept Scottish Disclosure certificates but we will process an Enhanced DBS for you instead.

If you have any questions about the DBS process, please contact us.

We cannot accept scans or photocopies of ID. 

Current valid passport (any country)  Electoral registration letters
Driving licence (full or provisional, UK or EEA) (can be non-EEA if using for second piece of ID)  Mobile phone bills
Birth certificate (UK or Channel Islands) – original document, not a copy  Cheque books
Biometric Residence Permit (must include date of birth, or be submitted with another piece of ID which includes this information)  Monthly payslips
Visa or work permit  Tenancy agreements
Bank, building society or credit card statement from the last three months (UK or EEA)  Any official letters, older than the date required (e.g. three or twelve months)
Gas, electricity or water bill from the last three months Photocopies
Mortgage statement from last 12 months (UK or EEA)
P45 or P60 from last 12 months
Council tax statement from last 12 months

If you already have an Enhanced DBS Check:

If this is the case, please bring your DBS certificate and a piece of photo ID to confirm your identity (a valid passport or driving licence).

Please note, we will only be able to accept a pre-existing check if it is an Enhanced DBS Certificate covering roles in the child workforce, ‘DBS children’s barred list information’ does not say “none requested” and the issue date is within the last two years.

We are aware that there are some accessibility and inclusion issues in the DBS application process around which titles (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Mx etc) applicants can and cannot select. To find out more and see what we’re doing to try to improve this, click here.