Our resources

Whether you’re a maths or English volunteer, in a primary or secondary school, we’ll provide all the resources you need to tutor an impactful session.

If you’re volunteering face-to-face, you’ll be provided with a tutor workbook (with the answers!). Your pupil(s) will work from the pupil version. If you’re tutoring online, you’ll be working from slides adapted from our physical workbooks – the content will be the same.

Our workbooks

We currently have a portfolio of ten tutor workbooks, with plans to add two additional secondary English tutor workbooks over the course of this academic year. Each workbook is tailored to the national curriculum.

Take a look at our samples

Primary maths

This extract from our Year 6 workbook, aimed at pupils aged 10-11, shows some of the types of word problems that pupils might encounter in their tutoring sessions with accompanying guidance on how to support pupils with these calculations.

Primary English

This extract from our Year 6 workbook, aimed at pupils aged 10-11, gives an example of a text extract, followed by accompanying tasks which are aligned to the requirements of KS2 National Tests.

Secondary maths

This extract from our secondary maths workbook, aimed at pupils ages 14 – 16, shows pupils working on their maths skills might begin with a diagnostic question, before having the opportunity to practise new skills with different examples.

Secondary English

This extract from our secondary English workbook, aimed at pupils aged 14-16, shows the first half of a session, where pupils focus on vocabulary building and the application of technical terminology.

Find out more

You can read more about our workbooks, including how they’re adapted for online tutoring and how our volunteer tutors are trained in using them, in the below guides.