News & Insights 24 January 2022

United Nations’ International Day of Education 2022

What is the International Day of Education?

Covid-19 has exacerbated ongoing education inequalities in the UK and as a result, the academic progress of many pupils has been disrupted. That’s why 24th January has been assigned by the United Nations General Assembly as the day to raise awareness of the importance of education.

The theme of the International Day of Education 2022 is ‘Changing Course, Transforming Education’, highlighting the urgent need to prioritise the recovery of education after Covid-19. The goal today is to spark discussion about how to provide quality education, ensure learning continuity for all pupils, and to support teachers.

international education day

In the UK, evidence shows that pupils from low-income families are less likely to perform well academically in school. This limits their opportunities to access higher education, training or employment.

Studies also show that children from low-income households are more likely to suffer from poor social and emotional skills. This leads to greater social inequalities as they become adults.

Why do we celebrate it?

Education is a powerful tool that not only affects job possibilities in the future, but also influences a variety of other outcomes, such as our general health and happiness.

While education is provided for all pupils in UK schools, those who come from low-income backgrounds may be at greater risk of digital disadvantage, social isolation, and anxiety; all of which can lead to mental health issues. These challenges require our immediate attention and response.

The International Day of Education is an opportunity for us all to raise awareness and remind ourselves and others of the significant role that education has in our lives. We can all play our part to support those less fortunate than us. In order to achieve education equality in the UK, as well as across the world, it is essential to offer a fair start to all pupils.

At Action Tutoring, we believe that inclusive and equal education opportunities for all children no matter their socioeconomic status, leads to a brighter future for everyone. We are proud to have created a strong community of inspiring volunteers, who are crucial in our mission to reach more disadvantaged pupils and offer tailored academic support.

To reach even more pupils, we need more volunteers.

Books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.

Malala Yousafzai

While teachers work hard to establish a new a new post-pandemic ‘normal’, learning inequalities are likely to deepen if we don’t take the necessary steps. Simply reopening schools after lockdown is not sufficient; pupils need tailored and sustained support to help them adapt after the pandemic.

Much more work needs to be done to ensure disadvantaged children receive additional support that encourages them to re-engage in learning activities. It is time to act to support the future of this generation.

How can you help?

Tutor with us

You can join our mission by becoming a volunteer tutor in English and maths and helping lower the attainment gap.

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We offer in-person tutoring programmes and for those with busy schedules, our online programmes are available so you can still get involved and be a part of our mission.

Spread the word

You can also help by sharing this post on social media to raise awareness and inspire others who might be interested to volunteer as a tutor with us. Disadvantaged pupils need our help more than ever, so let’s give them the opportunity to have a supportive learning environment.

Volunteering as a tutor is a crucial step to guarantee a fairer world and sustainable future for everyone. After all, education is a human right, a public benefit, and a public responsibility.