News & Insights 6 September 2023

London 10K Race: Volunteers take on challenge to raise funds

The streets of London, which are usually filled with motor traffic in summer, were teeming with over 17,000 keen runners working up a sweat in the popular London 10k race. Starting at Green Park, participants raced past iconic landmarks including Westminster Bridge, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Downing Street.

Six of Action Tutoring’s staff and volunteers ran in the race and raised over £1800 to support young people facing disadvantage.

Family, friends and supporters lined the route, including Action Tutoring’s Corporate Partnerships Manager, Sam, and Operations Manager,  Sarah, who both cheered from the sidelines and congratulated the team at the finish line

“It was a joy to be part of and I enjoyed catching up with our runners afterwards. Each person was running for a cause they believed in and they had a clear passion for tutoring, along with plenty of stories to share from their sessions.”

From left: Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris at London 10K marathon
From left: Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris

Absorbing the atmosphere

The energetic atmosphere really lifted Chris’ spirit during the race, helping him to push through the pain.

“The hardest part of the race was maintaining a steady pace and to hang on for the last few kilometres,”


Ten live bands along the route played booming music to keep them motivated, with drums matching the hum of the runners’ rhythm.

“The last kilometre of any race is always difficult, as you can see the finish line within your grasp but you’re not quite there yet! The 9-kilometre “blast zone” was great as there was lots of loud music pumping and a big crowd to take everyone over the finish line”


Taking in the sights

It would be impossible to run along London’s roads on an average day so it was extremely special for our runners to experience this route. Chris and Dawid have advice for anyone considering taking on the London 10k for Action Tutoring.

“The crowd and the location and everything that went with it made for an unusual experience so I think the main thing is to enjoy it and try to take it all in.”


“Make sure you train in advance to ensure you can spend all your energy simply enjoying race day and running in one of the world’s greatest cities” 

Molly and Eve at London 10K marathon
Molly and Eve

Keeping the cause in mind

The race was a challenge, however, our runners said that they were ultimately motivated by thinking of the cause they had worked hard to fundraise for.

“I wanted to do more to get involved with and connect with my local community. Tutoring is a great way to do that in a positive meaningful way and to share your enjoyment of a subject with developing minds. The race and the fundraising were a great way of keeping up motivation for running every week.”


Fundraising success

Although fundraising in the current climate can be challenging, the Action Tutoring team raised a collective £1,800.36, and an extra £318.00 in Gift Aid.

Their funds could provide 84 pairs of noise-cancelling headphones for pupils receiving online tutoring or training resources for 34 volunteer tutors.

“Well done to all our runners who have achieved this incredible personal feat. We are extremely proud of you as advocates for Action Tutoring. You have raised an incredible amount for disadvantaged young people whilst also raising the profile of Action Tutoring, allowing more people to recognise the importance of tutoring in tackling inequality and closing the attainment gap in education. Thank you!”

Hannah O’Neill, Head of Philanthropy
Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris at London 10K marathon
Eve, Molly, Dawid and Chris

Feeling inspired?

Are you inspired to take on a sponsored challenge for Action Tutoring? You can support young people who need it most by fundraising for a challenge such as a hike, cycle, walk, or run. To find out more, visit our fundraising page.

Also, you can be a part of our mission to transform lives in many other ways – volunteer for an hour a week to support children, donate to our work or advocate to contribute to a brighter future for disadvantaged young people.