News & Insights 15 June 2022

Why should primary and secondary schools partner with Action Tutoring?

We are an education charity that partners with schools to deliver tutoring programmes for pupils in primary and secondary schools. We provide pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium with the academic support they need to reach their potential.

Specifically, Pupil Premium funding is a government initiative that was implemented in 2011 as a way to help disadvantaged pupils receive further support in their education. 

It was established following the publication of several research papers clearly showing a significant gap between the educational performance of disadvantaged children and their peers.

Read more about Pupil Premium here.

The ultimate goal is to close the attainment gap between disadvantaged young people and their peers. Evidence suggests that tutoring is highly effective in a pupil’s learning progress, but only 18% of disadvantaged young people have been able to receive tuition support during the pandemic, compared to the 43% of pupils from more affluent backgrounds.

Why should more primary and secondary schools partner with Action Tutoring?

High quality, high impact tutoring sessions

We are proud to have built an evidence-based approach that reflects our positive impact and the hard work behind it. In particular, pupils sit a baseline assessment at the start of their programme and a progress check halfway through their time with Action Tutoring. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate their progress and assess our impact so we can ensure that we deliver high quality tuition to pupils who need it most.

Thanks to the hard work, resilience and commitment of our incredible school teachers and the continuous support of our volunteers, we are proud to say that 81% of our pupils achieved grade 4 or above in English and 80% grade 4 or above in maths!

You can read more about the impact of our tutoring programmes here.

We provide our own educational resources to tutors

Our Training and Curriculum team has worked hard to create the learning material volunteer tutors need for their tutoring sessions. Our goal is to nurture the minds of young people we work with and offer them personalised academic support through our workbooks and resources.

In addition to their induction training, tutors who join our volunteering group have 24-hour access to a series of online short courses called Bright Ideas on our e-learning platform. There, they can access training sessions that better prepare for their role as a tutor and grow their skills and expertise.


Our tutors serve as role models

Our volunteer tutors are not only educators, but they also serve as role models, motivating pupils to overcome learning barriers and achieve their potential in life.

Action Tutoring is proud to be an inclusive, equal opportunities organisation for its volunteers. As our tutors come from a whole range of backgrounds, including university students, working employees and retired professionals, it helps to inspire pupils to consider future pathways.

Do you want to join our volunteering community? We’d love to hear from you! Read more about getting involved here.



Experience in working with state schools

Since 2012, when Action Tutoring was registered as a charity, we have provided tutoring for over 6,700 primary school pupils and over 12,500 secondary school pupils.

This has given us the opportunity to work with multiple schools across England and recognise the needs of primary and secondary schools. That’s why we understand the demands and pressures that schools are under, especially after the pandemic.

Our Programme Coordinators are dedicated members of our team

Working closely with teachers, our Programme Coordinators are on hand to oversee delivery, manage any issues that may occur during online or in-person, support tutors, as well as monitor the quality of the tutoring.

They are all passionate about educational equality and work hard to ensure pupils gain the most from their tutoring sessions with our volunteers.


‘’I have been so impressed with the work of Action Tutoring. Their tutors are so well trained and were able to forge positive working relationships in the first session. Their online platform, which we have moved to recently, is incredibly easy to use and the move from face-to-face tutoring to online has been seamless. If you are lucky enough to partner with Action Tutoring – don’t ever let them go!’’

Deputy Headteacher, London

We’re committed to ensuring more and more pupils can receive the education they deserve. Here you can find more information about schools partnering with us.