Success Stories

Prendergast Vale School

Action Tutoring has been working with Prendergast Vale School since spring 2017, supporting its Year 10 and 11 pupils with English and maths.

“Overall the tutors that we’ve had from Action Tutoring have been really good quality. They’ve been really receptive to feedback and they’ve been really passionate about the subjects they’re tutoring and about working with the young people. I know that our pupils have benefited greatly from working with them and have had really positive things to say. We discuss the work we’re doing in class with the tutors and Action Tutoring, so that they can link in with it through the tutoring. The pupils will also provide feedback to the tutors on the areas that they’re struggling with so that the tutoring can be tailored to their needs. The tutors are external role models for our pupils. It’s key for them to see people from different walks of life and that’s really shown with Action Tutoring and the variety of tutors we get. They’re all really positive about the subjects they teach and our pupils respond really well to that. If I could describe the Action Tutoring tutors in one word I would use the word ‘passionate’.

This year we’ve moved to online tutoring, for obvious reasons, and it’s been a seamless experience for our pupils. We’ve had face to face tutoring from Action Tutoring for the past few years and this year the technology and the platform that Action Tutoring use for online has worked really well. The pupils have been really positive about the online tutoring and have been really grateful that it’s still been able to happen despite the circumstances we’ve found ourselves in. I would definitely recommend Action Tutoring to other schools. At Prendergast Vale they’ve made a massive difference to our pupils so I could not recommend them highly enough. I would definitely say that Action Tutoring represents value for money: the progress that our pupils make and the confidence that they build is definitely worth the money.” 

Mark Shaw, Interim Deputy Headteacher, Prendergast Vale School

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Prendergast Vale School