Success Stories

Justina, volunteer maths tutor and consultant paediatrician

“A volunteer advisor introduced me to Action Tutoring. I had been looking for opportunities for some time to learn and engage with my community and work with children. Since signing up in September 2019, I have tutored two Year 6 primary pupils in maths. I always look forward to this day of the week. My pupils arrive on time, full of enthusiasm and determination.

There is nothing better than to see a child overcome their challenges and make progress.

On a personal level, volunteering has allowed me to develop new skills, be creative, meet people from different professions and backgrounds and interact with children in an educational setting. Volunteering is all about making a positive contribution to community and society, which is incredibly rewarding and is so necessary in the current climate.

There are thousands of bright young articulate children across the UK in our schools from disadvantaged regions that cannot afford the resources I was so fortunate to benefit from – I urge anyone who has an hour per week available to step forward, contribute to helping children in English, maths or reading and to reap the rewards of helping to create a positive future for others.”

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Justina, volunteer maths tutor and consultant paediatrician
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