Aabia Khan

Pronouns: she/her

Aabia joined Action Tutoring in January 2020 as the Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator.

Currently as a Corporates Partnership Coordinator, Aabia is responsible for developing and managing both our existing and new corporate partnerships in order to recruit as many volunteers as possible.

After graduating from Queen Mary University with an English degree in 2018, Aabia went travelling and visited many countries including Kenya, Indonesia, Tanzania and Pakistan.

Seeing the extreme poverty in these countries fuelled her existing passion to work in the charity sector and to make a difference closer to home. As a part-time tutor at university, Aabia recognised the impact that education has on young people and developed a zeal to contribute towards bridging the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. She is pleased to share this passion with others through her work with Action Tutoring.

In her spare time, Aabia loves to read, spend time with her family and friends, and is excited to continue exploring the world.