Dan Carrie

Dan joined Action Tutoring in February 2024 as Programme Coordinator for London.

Dan is responsible for overseeing a caseload of partner schools in London, liaising and working closely with the schools and pupils as well as managing our pool of volunteer tutors.

I really enjoy how friendly everyone is and how open everyone is to support and help with any issues or queries one might have.

I did a PGCE and was unable to pass this but I really enjoyed my time working in an inner city school with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping to bridge that attainment gap and seeing the joy they got from support in their learning journeys. I volunteered after my finishing my PGCE and really enjoyed this and then looked for a role that combined working in the charity sector and working in education still.

I am yet to start the role in its full capacity but I am looking forward to having that interaction with children, volunteers and teachers and really seeing the difference that volunteers make to the lives of the pupils and their education.

I am looking forward to seeing Action Tutoring grow and being able to receive more funding to keep doing the amazing work it is already doing and expanding to more parts of the country