Emma Hooper

Pronouns: she/her

Emma joined Action Tutoring in December 2016 as Programme Coordinator for London, before becoming Programme Manager for London and Sussex and Acting Programme Director. Emma is now Head of Programmes (South).

As Head of Programmes (South), she is responsible for managing three Programme Managers (who oversee our programmes across London, Bristol and Sussex) and our Online Programmes Manager. Emma has oversight of programme delivery, school relationships and school recruitment across the South.

In a previous role, I worked as a youth worker in a children’s charity for some of the most disadvantaged and deprived children and young people in South East London. From seeing first hand how economic deprivation can impact a young person’s life before they have even got to school (no bedroom, desk, access to books, high levels of stress in the home etc.) I wanted to support young people achieve in education. I strongly believe in the power of education to improve the life chances of young people, and I often think a person, role model, tutor, has the power to do this.

At Action Tutoring I enjoy working with the wonderful, passionate, caring and interesting people. We are such a supportive team and are all really aligned in our mission. I really value and appreciate Action Tutoring’s focus on mental health and the existence of the Mental Health First Aid team. It ensures that I feel safe at work, and when times get tough, I have someone impartial and trained to speak to within the organisation to speak to, even if no solution is required.

I’m excited to expand to regions and areas with high levels of deprivation, through our virtual programmes, that we previously haven’t been able to reach before! There are so many schools in hard to reach areas who are under funded and supported.